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A taste of Paraguay…


I just want to share a receipe For Chipa Guazu, one of my favorite dishes, very easy to make, this is a partial translation of Tembiu Paraguay by Josefina Aquino



Chipa Guazu

2 Medium Onions

1 cup of water

1/2 tablespoon salt

1/2 oil, in Paraguay they use pork fat

1 cup farmers cheese, in Paraguay they used queso paraguay but you can replace it with a white cheese, could be mozzarella.

3/4 Cup of Milk

1 1/2 ears of corn, grated, or you can replace it by corn in cans.

Fry the onions, with the salt, then add the water for about 10 let it boil. (set aside to cool)

Beat the far or oil, eggs one by one, and the crumbled cheese beating continaully, then add the onions and the water, grated corn and the milk and mix everything very well and put the mixture in a greassed and floured pan. Cook in 375 degree oven for 1 hour and 15 min.

Try it, im on my way of making one!!


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Paraguay Complete Hotel guide

View of Downtown Asuncion

There are many hotels in Paraguay, of all kinds and types, here I will list the most important ones of each Paraguayan Department. Just click the city below and you will the list with with the hotel name, address, Phone and Email will appear (Note that some hotels have no email addresses). (more…)


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Organize your trip to Paraguay.

Asuncion, aerial viewI’ve been getting lots of emails of people wanting to travel to Paraguay and I’m more than happy to help.

Very important tip: AIR FARE: Don’t get them online, they are too expensive. Ask your local Travel agency (you will find a list online or on local newspapers), just a regular old fashion Agency to get a quote of the prices, ask for specials

Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and alike are good for domestic fairs but not for international ones. (more…)


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I have to admit that Piribebuy is among the cities I really love. Not long ago was the first time I even went there, it is actually pretty close to Asuncion, just passing Caacupe.

My friend just had to develop the motor of his new car (not that new btw) but the motor was new and since he knew I was around town he invited me and some other friends to a day trip to Piribebuy. (more…)


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Asuncion and nearby cities Museums

Among Asuncion’s attractions are Museums and Cultural Centers, I will mention the most important.

Casa de la Independecia

Casa de la Independencia: It’s the house where the conspiration of  the Independence Revolution (15/05/1811) took place. The architecture is colonial and was build around 1772, nowadays it works as a Museum of documentary and historical nature, with colonial furniture, personal items, religious sacred art and portraits. It has been restored in 2004. (located in downtown Asuncion, 14 de Mayo y Presidente Franco). (more…)


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Religious and Popular Festivities – Fiesta de San Juan

It’s amazing how Paraguayans keep their traditions alive, from food to festivities, there are so much to discover in Paraguay.

The one traditional festivity I personally love and try not to miss is the SAN JUAN FESTIVAL, fiesta de SAN JUAN Bautista, is celebrate in all over the country on June 24th, with traditional food, Chipa (there are about 80 types of chipa) which is like a cheese bread, there is also Payagua mascada, chicharo trenzado, mbeyu, pastel mandio, among many others. Great and unique stuff.

During the festival  people perform some pagan rituals like pelota tata, (a fire ball that is kicked around thru the crowd) or at midnight they burn a Judas Doll that is filled with fireworks and while burning they explode, people do walk on hot coals and they don’t get burn? (I wouldn’t try it), the climbing up greased posts for money are a few among many other San Juan rituals

During that period a strange phenome usually happens called the San Juan’s summer and as soon as it’s over the cold weather starts again back again. (note that between june and mid of september is winter in South America)

There are some other rituals to make the day before San Juan to see with whom you will get married to, I used to enjoy that a lot when I was a teenager.

If you happened to be around in June you certainty won’t miss Las Fiestas de San Juan because they are so popular that they are even celebrate in schools, malls, clubs…literally everywhere!!


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Asuncion entertainment: art, night life, casino, malls..PartI


Shopping del Sol Asuncion Paraguay

Asuncion may not the most beautiful city in the world but as I always say, it certainly has a lot of personality, and that makes it for me so attractive.

Night life is a big part of Asuncion’s life, some years ago people could party endlessly until 2004 or so the municipal came up with an Edict, “edict” that forbids night places to open later than 1 am during weekdays and 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays, the reason was to avoid accidents and fights involving alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is not allowed for minors but in some places they get them anyway.

When the edict first came out it was very polemic, a lot of clubs and pubs closed and went to nearby cities where there was not edict, cities like San Lorenzo for example.

Now, people are more used to the edict and night places open earlier so they still can make some money.

People in Asuncion go out a lot, even during week days, it is very normal to see friend, even if nothing is planned ahead…the best plan is not planning, it’s a lifestyle and is part of the culture to have a drink in a bar, or a friends house.

There are some great places to shop around Asuncion, some are: Shopping del Sol, Mariscal Lopez Shopping, Mall Excelsior, Shopping VillaMorra, Paseo Carmelitas, Shopping Multiplaza, Paseo Via Allegra, Camino Quimbaya, Paseo de Gaulle, Paseo Senador Long, Paseo España, among a lot of new stores and cafes.

A great place to have a Coffee and eat some great “alfajores” is Cafe Havanna  which also is a hot spot where you can use your laptop at not extra charge. There are 3 Havanna Cafe around the city. 

Gambling is allowed in Asuncion, and there are many electronic casinos and 2 official Casinos, which are: Casino Costanera, locate within the Yacht and Golf Club Resort,  and Casino Asuncion located in España y Sacramento.

In the next post I will try to make a guide with the best and coolest and not so coolest places to party around Asuncion and near by cities…


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Asuncion Bus

In Paraguay Buses are called Micros and among cars and taxis buses are the main public transportation, there are no subways in Paraguay and just a few train routes left but they are not so popular anymore.

Micros for sure are the best option to get around, the fair is around 2100Gs that is about 50Cents, buses are very frequent and they cover pretty much any route, of course than sometimes people have to connect with other buses but mostly I think that one bus can make it to the final destination. (more…)


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Villarica del Espiritu Santo- Paraguay


Written by my dear friend: Laura Suarez, Gracias Laurita, great job!!

I will translate this entry soon! Look forward to it, it’s very interesting.

Ubicada en el Departamento del Guaira, a 110 Millas de Asuncion, Capital del Paraguay. Hermosa como pocas y dueña de un encanto muy especial.

Villarrica, capital departamental es una ciudad digna de ser visitada y disfrutada. La riqueza cultural de la ciudad, reconocida por sus musicos y poetas, y por supuesto por sus riquezas arquitectonica hacen que el visitante encuentre un verdadero placer recorriendo sus calles.

Villarrica, ciudad y cuna que vio nacer el 16 de julio de 1894 en el barrio Ybaroty a Manuel Ortiz Guerrero, uno de los poetas mas grandes, queridos y reconocidos del Paraguay. Era un hombre humilde, sencillo y de gran corazon, auque en esa epoca habia sido rechazado y victima de burlas por no poseer una belleza fisica.

Autor de grandes poemas, Ortiz Guerrero encuentra en el idioma Guarani(Idioma Oficial del Paraguay, herencia de los Indigenas de la Tribu Guarani) su genuina forma de expresion y escribe en las lengua nativa poemas de una intensa belleza, al cual puso musica nuestro inmortal Jose Asuncion Flores, creador de la Guarania(Estilo de Musica Paraguaya).

Sus obras en Guarani han entrado definitivamente en la cultura popular y sus letras son cantadas con amor y admiracion por sucesivas generaciones. Algunas de sus obras son Eirete (Pura Miel), India, Panambi Hovy (mariposa Azul), entre otras.

Al valor incuestionable de sus obras se sumo el drama de su vida. Aquejado de una cruel enfermedad desde su juventud, supo sobrellevar su mal con dignidad y valentia, tanto que un amigo y admirador suyo dijo de el: “Su mejor poema, fue su Vida”.

Ortiz Guerrero murio en Asuncion el 8 de mayo de 1933, pero los restos de este inmortal poeta descanzan hoy en su ciudad natal, en una plaza natural que hoy en dia lleva su nombre al igual que un museo bautizado tambien con el nombre de “Manuel Ortiz Guerrero” que hasta hoy han sido las mayores atracciones de la ciudad de Villarrica.

Hoy la antigua ciudad de Villarrica pasa a ser una de las ciudades mas modernas del Paraguay, ya que alli se encuentran las sucursales de las universidades mas importantes del pais: la UNA (Universidad Nacional de Asuncion)y la UCA (Universidad Catolica de Asuncion). La ciudad tambien es muy conocida y visitada por su gran fiesta carnavalera organizada cada año en el mes de febrero entre las fechas 24, 25 y 26. Tambien se encuentran en ella los mejores hoteles como Villarrica Palace Hotel y Santo Domingo Hotel que brindan excelentes servicios y comodidad sobre todo con reservas on-line.

Por eso todo aquel que decida y quiera conocer Paraguay, debe visitar “Villarrica del Espiritu Santo” donde se encuentra una gran y a la vez pequeña parte del Encanto Paraguayo, de la belleza Paraguaya y se dara cuenta porque estamos felices de vivir en un pais con una belleza unica, porque estamos orgullosos de ser Paraguayos.


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Asuncion photo story video

As an amateur photographer I spent my time observing people in Asuncion and took some documentary pictures that later became part of this photo story I did when I was missing Paraguay a lot.

Get this video and more at


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