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Living on a Budget (tips)

When I was in Paraguay in june I went out with my friend for groceries shopping and I was really surprised to discover a place like Costo or Sam’s club where you actually can buy things in bulk at very affordable prices, it is not far from Asuncion, it is in Luque, the name of the place is San Cayetano, also known as Sancaye, it is close to Luisito and to Luques’s cemetery.

Prices are much more convenient than regular stores and they also have a wholesale section where you can give them the list and if you buy more than 4 articles of the same item they give you a wholesale price on the item, there you will find from wines to beef and everything in between, they also sell shampoo and diapers at very convenient prices, and also they have a good fresh produce selection.

The cons of buying there is that is always too full of people, we stood in line for at least 45 minutes but it was worthy because my friend told me she just goes there 1 a months and fills her freezer and storage of stuff and she saves a lot of money.

Also very close to there you can find some bakeries where you can buy any kind of pastries and bread and also “galleta” in a 5 kilos bag, my friends always buys the big bag and gives galletas to her friends in smaller bags and the rest she just freezes.

Galleta is a kind of bread that is harder than usual and it is very popular in Paraguay.

I would definitely check it out if i live in Asuncion, because regular groceries stores can get very expensive this days.


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