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The art of communication…Experience China

Busy street

My last days in china were fantastic.

China is like the “Non Plus Ultra” for shopping, the ultimate shopping place in the world, a paradise for any shopping girl.

I couldn’t speak any Chinese and most of them didn’t speak any English ( I assumed they would though).

When I realized that in china I could not use the oral language to communicate, I got very creative, and I was fun discovering that sometimes words are just sounds and there is a bigger and universal communication that goes beyond language, this trip changed my mind and my point of view in many ways.

So, In some stores we just communicate with the calculator or the cellular phone to write the prices and start to bargain, they always start with their prices very high but at the end they sell the item to you for what you want to pay.

I have learned to bargain with Ivy, my chinese friend which I met at the Canton fair, we hit it off instantly, she was very nice took me out a lot, we even met at Shenzhen when the fair was over, she taught me really nice things and we became really good friends.

I still remember that I wanted to buy some really cute bags and the sales person couldn’t even understand the how much is that? question, so I had my friend Ivy to teach me how to say how much is that? in Chinese, that is Duo shao qian?

It was pretty easy, so I practice it a lot repeating Duo shao qianDuo shao qian?   and went back to the store…and asked the same girl in English again, how much is that? Pointing at a bag, but the girl couldn’t understand what I was saying…and then I proud of my few words in Chinese I asked her: Duo shao qian? …and woala! I noticed that she could actually understand me and was so happy!!…and Then she told me the price…but in CHINESE!! Then I just start laughing because obviously I didn’t learn the numbers in Chinese, that moment was hilarious!!

My china experience was fantastic, as I use to say, everything you think about china, Think again.

Since I’m back from China I’m taking Chinese classes! It’s been a year now and I’m doing pretty good. That was a personal challenge to me and I just love it. Zai jian.


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China3During my stay in china I was amazed by the huge quantity of fake items you could find, it was awesome…Gucci, Versace, Armani, Luois vuittoin bags,nike, puma, etc.  it was a paradise

I was trilled, I never saw a “Rolex” for a few bucks.

It was getting hot and I didn’t have anymore clean summer clothes with me so I went shopping and looking around I found and bought a gorgeous “Versace” t shirt, it was written on it versus and some flames, it looked awesome.

Next day I was ready to wear my Versace shirt (I could never afford buying it here), I put it on and was very happy with my latest fashion acquirement.

I had a really really busy day and I went to sleep with that shirt on, when you are traveling you don’t even thing about putting a pajamas on, well, at least I didn’t, I was way to tired.

It was so funny that next morning when I woke up I realized that I had huge holes all over my new “versace” shirt, not one, but at least 20 holes!!!

I’m glad that no one saw it…later on I was very upset and told my father about what happened

Dad: And he calmly asked, how much did you pay?

Me: …10RMB (China’s currency) ( I answered with a pissed face)

Dad: mmmmm, that is about 1.5 USD dollars…

Me: ….so?

Dad: What do you expected to get for that money anyway, my dear?


And he was right, I got what I paid for!!!

Usually life’s works that way, you get what you give


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