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Visiting Mercado 4


Well, I will try to be brutally objective on this topic, sometimes due to homesickness I tend to see everything perfect in Asuncion, BUT IS NOT, that doesn’t make things less interesting, who is in pursuit of perfection anyway? I’m not and I have learned enjoying imperfection, and I love it.

 Now days the only thing I pursue is happiness. (that’s the title of a movie I just saw and I can relate to that)

Living in Asuncion can be  a very interesting experience actually if you are not a person who is too comfortable in your comfort zone, it can be a rich experience for your overall senses.

If you go to Asuncion don’t expect to see many thing expect to live and go for the whole experience, the whole adventure from hopping on a bus or getting lost in middle of no where, at the end you will be proud of yourself.

What people enjoy doing in Asuncion is going to the “Shopping’s”  as everyone call the malls, where you can find plenty of restaurants, cinemas, tons of shops (all mayor brands), those places are very modern and popular, its very common to hang around there with friends or just go for a coffee to chat with someone, of course you will find tons of known people there, the “shopping’s are very frequented.

Hanging out with friends or family is a very big and important part of people in Asuncion.

Lately I became tired of going to the malls, I always wanted to go to new places, there are some few new shopping’s in Villa Morra (a neighborhood you cant miss), and going to shopping or malls doesn’t mean necessarily you have to buy stuff, it is very frequent to just hang around there or have a coffee or so. (more…)


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Paraguayan Lapachos

A friend of mine sent me these great photos for my blog.

They are taken by Luis Rodriguez a Paraguayan photographer who lives in Luque.

Gracias Luis!! 

This photos are from Luque’s Church which is beautiful in downtown Luque.

The lapachos (the pink trees are very popular in Paraguay).

This is a very interesting tree, with a lot of properties, also known as Tebebuia Impestiginosa, Taheebo or Pau d’ Arco, it is believe that some componet of the Lapacho called quechua found to be a powerful antibiotic with virus killing properties. There is also a Lapacho, I didn’t know that, and I’m very surprised about the amazing properties it has, even for cancer. 

Another great South American tree is Palo Santo (Holy Wood), also known as Bulnesia Sarmientoi, they even make cup of palo santo, it has an incredible taste and smell

Lapacho’s Properties

Luque is certainly among the cities I most like from Paraguay, it is unique and the people are lovely.

Very close to Asuncion. =)


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Paraguay Birds

I know that out there are many bird lovers, well, I found this topic very interesting because in Paraguay there are many bird species that very few people know about them.

There are about 685 species of birds officially registered in the most recent checklist for Paraguay

I’m very amazed by these facts and I’m happy that our fauna is very rich and I hope we can preserve nature for coming generations.

For a complete list and photos please visit the following website:

Paraguay birds

Some are:


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Paraguay Embassy and Consulate around the world Directory

Finding some info about Paraguayan Consulates or Embassies can be a difficult task, that’s why I made it easy and put together useful contacts.

If you are US Citizen please remember you will need a VISA to enter in Paraguay, contact the consulate for forms and requirerments.

EU and Mercosur citizen don’t need visa for Paraguay (Thanks K for your comment on this post)

I would like to share this awesome EMBASSY SEARCH website, that actually works, give it a try. EMBASSYWORLD.COM

Embassy of the United States of America in Asuncion

Los Angeles,

You can find a Consulate in Los Angeles for Paraguay Visa forms please visite the website


6033 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90045
Tel. 1-310-417-9500
Fax 1-310-417-9520

Consulate in Los Angeles has jurisdiction for the following States:


New York
211 E. 43rd St., Suite 2101,
New York, NY 10017.
Tel. 1-212-682.9441/2
Fax 1-212-682.9443

Consulate(s) General are in:
25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 705
Miami, FL 33131.
(305) 374-9090 Tel
(305) 374-5522 Fax


US Diplomatic Representation in Paraguay:

Ambassador: James Cason

Embassy: 1776 Mariscal Lopez Ave., Casilla Postal 402, Asuncion

Mailing Address: Unit 4711, APO AA 34036-0001

Telephone: [595] (21) 213-715

Fax: [595] (21) 213-728


Diplomatic Representation in US:

Ambassador: James SPALDING

Chancery: 2400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

Telephone: [1] (202) 483-6960 through 6962

Fax: [1] (202) 234-4508


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My Paraguayan Friends in Seattle

I had a really great girls night out last week with my Paraguayan friends.

I met my Paraguayan girl friends here in Seattle and we had so much fun talking about Paraguay, they told me things I didn’t know at all and suddenly I felt so ignorant, these girls are bright and well travelled…I mostly know Asuncion
Rosa and Laura are from San Bernardino, Teresa from Caaguazu, Mirta lived in San Bernardino until she was 19 then moved to Buenos Aires, and Eduardita (she is now in Paraguay for Holidays) is from San Juan Nepomuceno.

I have other Paraguayan friends who live here that are great, we are just a few Paraguayan around Seattle area but we try to see each other frequently.

I haven’t travel a lot to the country side yet, but I’m very interested in doing so and I will in June, well, at least those are my plans.

Since I started writing this blog very I’m interested about getting to know places, towns, typical foods, regional festivities, activities and people from the different departments.

In June i’m going back to Paraguay for 3 months, and hopefully I will start traveling at least to the Jesuitic Ruins in Encarnacion, Villarrica, Yaguaron (where there is one of the most beautiful churches from Paraguay), Acahay, Caraguatay (Vapor Cue)

So, once again I’m looking forward to Enjoy my Paraguay Experience and keep you updated about my new experiences down there, mean while meet my Paraguayan Friends in Seattle.

1st Picture (from left to right)

Laura, Rosa, Muna (me), Eduarda and Mirta

2nd Picture

Eduarda, Mirta and Teresa

3rd Picture.

Amira, Mercedes, Muna, Eduarda and Rosa

4rd picture

Too many to discribe, Celebrating 2005 Xmas with Paraguayan friends and their families.

5th Picture

Pedro, Make, Muna, Diana and Chuck



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Paraguay Videos

Note: If you recognize your video in this post please leave me a comment and tell the story about your video.

Chicos si alguien reconoce estos videos como suyos por favor dejenme un comentario, me gustaria saber la historia detrás de cada video, les agradezco mucho a todos por estos videos que realmente nos acercan mas a los que lastimosamente estamos lejos.

Gracias por visitar la pagina y que lo disfruten.

I found this video about a recent flood in Asuncion (Dic 7th)



Interesting trip thru San Lorenzo (I think), , least you can have an idea how some places look like.

Enjoy the trip!




Asuncion’s Views



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Paraguayan Music for our ears.

Sometimes I visit a website called Radio So’o it’s a Paraguayan Forum where local people post news, questions, comments or whatever…well there I found some interesting music that I’m going to share with you

Another really cool new site for Paraguayan abroad with news, boards, forum and a life webcam from Caacupe is Matei check it out.

Paraguay’s Music are Guarania and Polka, bellow you can listen to some of them =)

I picked some music for us and you can listen to it right here, right now, isn’t it great? Some polka and a Guarania!! Enjoy Paraguay!!


And best of all…I found another great Paraguayan Music site, and you can listen to Paraguayan Music without downloading it, Check it out!! you will be so please since like the author of the page says:

The music of Paraguay is not played on many radio stations around the world, so most people never get a chance to hear it in their lifetime.  It is my hope that this website will introduce many visitors to this beautiful music and some of the great artists who perform it.  For others, it may bring back some special memories.  Many of my recordings are 25 years old, some were made 60 years ago.  They represent just a small portion of the rich and varied musical heritage of Paraguay.  The songs are sung in Guarani as well as in Spanish, which are the two languages of that country.


I hope the music reach your heart and i wish you all a great holiday season.


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Justice by own hands…Ycua Bolaños.

Tragedia en el Ycua Bolaños

Ycua Bolaños tragedy in English

I’m so frustrated to see that corruption might win again in Paraguay. Two years ago on a Sunday august 1st there was a huge fire in a huge local grocery store that had a cafeteria where people use to go to eat on weekends, the place was full of people on that tragic Sunday.

A small fire started so to avoid vandalism and robberies the owner ordered to close all doors, the grocery store was huge, and build like a bunker. But the small fire soon had converted in a huge fire and people were trying to escape, of course not emergency exits were available, and of course no one had open the door, not even to the final moments, people from outside where trying to help to open holes in the building, some could escape with life, most of the fried inside, whole families, or children, or parents, the entire neighborhood lost someone. That was a tragic day for Asuncion, about 400 people dead, and a lot of people burned taken to the hospital. The whole country was terrified about what happened, on a scale it was as huge as 911 and totally avoidable.

All country stood together and people donated money from all over the world, there were a lot of volunteer work, assisting the burned or the victims families.

Who was responsible??

Yesterday more than 2 years after the incident, the judges finally came to a sentence, 5 years in prison for the owners who ordered to shut the door closed.

It is said that the owners of this chain of grocery stores called Ycua Bolaños paid the judges off to get the minimum sentence.

People’s reaction?

Doing justice by own hands.

Yesterday hundreds of people attacked with stones the Police that was standing in line forming a barricade trying to protect another grocery store from that same chain. There were robberies,they set fire on cars and local near by places, the thing went way out of control, etc more and more people where coming to the scene to attack or to do justice by own hands. Of course as in all similar situations 3rd people that have not been victims of the fire where there to take advantage of the situation and produce even more chaos. (there are always people taken advantage of extreme situations, pretending to be a victim). A lot of people got injured on the manifestation, because police reacted to establish order, some other were taken in custody by police.

That’s doesn’t seem justice to me.

Well, I understand the angry for the short sentence and this is the first time that Paraguayans won’t shut their mouths and let politician and judges decide.

People are together in this tragedy and will fight as they have shown, and that is the only way people in power will understand that the time to step on people’s head is over, the time for a submissive country is over and the time for corruption is over.

Sometimes I think that Paraguay is a place where there are not rules where there are just exceptions.


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If there is hope there is hope

Yes yes yes, I have to apologize for being so lazy lately and not blogging as much as I want to, I’m working on many projects, I started doing some web sites translations, working on setting up an online store which I will call muna’s box among many other things

Just days ago my mom went back to Paraguay and now I’m getting organized again, and as you know it takes a while…and then you know, holidays arriving, fixing things in the house, buying stuff, running errands, catching up with friends (some Paraguayan’s)….well, I’m not that lazy after all.

And my birthday is approaching too, that’s fun, Xmas, my bd and new year all in the same week.

Two of my friends are going to spend holidays in Paraguay, well, and I got all jealous, of course, this time of the year is great there, well, like everywhere.

When I first came to Seattle and spend Xmas here it was so not Xmas for me, after have spent 27 very hot Xmas in Paraguay, having a cold or even white Xmas was so strange so…….. Cold, humans are creatures of habits and I’m still on the process of realizing that Jesus was not born in a swimming suit and that Christmas must not actually be warm or cold or white or rainy (like in Seattle) or rich or poor. (more…)


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