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NEW Paraguayos in Seattle!

I’m a member of MSN Groups Paraguay and about 1 month ago a Paraguayan guy named Derlis contacted me thru that site. He told me that he and his friends (also paraguayans) were working in Alaska in Fish processing boats, what an adventure (not that great, I’ve learned once I talked to them!)

We finally met last weekend and also this weekend in Seattle.

All those kids are terrific, young and full of great experiences!

I would like to welcome them to Seattle and I hope their stay will be nice here.

The only thing that saddens me is that young people have to leave Paraguay and stop studying to look for better opportunities abroad because the lack of it in our own country…

Anyway! Welcome you guys! Happy Stay =-)



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Meeting Ricardo Arjona…2nd part of my Mexico trip

We arrived in Acapulco on Saturday around 6pm, checked in at a very nice hotel in front of the beach, and went directly to the beach and pool. I got a massage on a massage table on the beach, it was a great experience, it was awesome!

We ended the day eating a seafood buffet infront of the sea and enjoyed the sound of the Mariachis playing.

Next day was really nice, we went to the beach during the morning, I was scared of getting a sun burn, I was specially careful about that, I took a strong sunscreen protector, but noon I thought it was enough sun for me, obviously I was not under the sun very much, I was mostly in the water, I’m not a person that like to take long sun baths…and as my skin is very fair I get burn easily.

That afternoon my friend decide to stay at the hotel for more sun…but that was enough to me, so I took a cab and went to downtown, to the Zocalo,I went to a traditional Mexican restaurant, and then too a tour around Acapulco, is was very fun, I toured a lot and got to now very exciting places, even an old very traditional long time ago hotel Casablanca that has an breathtaking view over all the city…I will post some pictures.

We traveled back to Mexico city at 6am and arrived at the airport at around 11, we checked in our bags and the personal Manager of a very famous Latin American singer who became our friend in Mexico took us to VIP waiting room, that was my first time in the VIP room, and was fantastic! They had computers, free juices, pastries, coffee, giant flat screen TV’s, tables, sofas, etc…we were there waiting to check in security.

It happens that the singer Ricardo Arjona had to arrive almost the same time we had to departure, (and that was a huge coincidence) was not related that we became friends with his personal assistant. That moment was so exciting because we had the remote chance to get to know Ricardo Arjona in person…(we both are big fans of him)

So we checked into security and found out in what gate he would arrive, then the shuttle driver approved us and let us know that he was going to the airplane to pick them up and take them to the gate, so we hopped on the shuttle and went to wait for Ricardo Arjona as he entered in the bus (he was among the first ones) so we went and sat next to him, that was an amazing experience, he was huge, about 2 meters tall, was wearing sun glasses and a black cap, he was more handsome than I thought, he was very friendly (as opposite than I heard) …my friend Letti even offer to produce a show for him in Toronto…who knows?, maybe some day soon I will hop on another plane to see him performing life in Toronto, wouldn’t that be something?


I know Letti for about 13 years now, she was always a big fan of Arjona, she always wanted to ask him some questions about his song and his writings, It took 13 years, but she finally got to talk to him and she accomplished her dream…She always get what she wants, because she pursues it very hard and for a very long period of time…and that was a lesson for me…if you want something get it, period!

I hope this was not the last time we were in the right place at the right time…life is full of coincidences, like the time I met and talked to Bill Gates in a coffee shop in downtown Seattle by coincidence,…and so is my life full of great coincidences, amazing people and reasonable reachable dreams.


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The art of borrowing…


In Paraguay is it very common to lend and borrow things from each other, even the most silly things people will ask to borrow from you (like a Mickey mouse pen) and that happens often, and people hardly say or can’t say no.

The funny thing about it, is that is likely you won’t get back what you lended, and the situation gets so odd that at the end you just forget about the thing. It could even be money…mostly dvd, CDs, books, jewelry and clothes (between girls)…most of the time people conveniently forget to return items…and the lender seems to be ok with it, or at least accepting that fact.

The lender knows that they have to say bye bye to it and ironically if you ask your thing back people can get offended and think that you are impolite and that you are insinuating that they want to steal it from you, etc etc…

I remember when I was in college I use to have my friends coming over trying on my clothes and borrowing some girls stuff, like jewelry, make up, pencils,CDs, cassettes,  books etc, which was cool because we used to exchange things and that kept the relationship flowing, and usually healthy relationships are based in continuous interactions, and that among others, was one of it.

In some cases the borrowers intention of NOT giving back the borrowed thing was so clear that people use to say: ‘Me encanta eso, te voy a comer!” I love that,I’m going to EAT it from you…meaning: I’m not stealing it technically but I inform you that I like it and I will keep that for me (no matter what you say)…

It may be cultural or not, in any case lender and borrower seem to have found the thin line to accept this sui generis (unusual) way of “sharing” without major problems and it probably works because one is not always the lender…you today, me tomorrow!

If it’s not a gift, not a steal, not a borrow…what is it then? I don’t know but I just can tell you that is a hell of Invention.

Can I borrow something from you…? ;-)


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My new look…

This is such a silly post but…

I use to get bored so easily about my hair (the people that know me will tell) so I went to the salon yesterday and I let Marissa (the stylist) give me some fun ideas about my new look, is is pretty cool, don’t you think?…This brushing will wash off as soon as I wash my hair, but I hope the color will still look nice on curly hair. I kind of like the chunky highlights I got this time…it is so me!

Acapulco’s post is pending but I will post it sometime soon, hopefully by the end of the week (which means tomorrow).

I just came back from my Chinese class and I’m kind of tired…but at least I learned some new words =). Today’s post it’s like a diary…no much about anything but me…I like that sometimes, but hey! this blog should be about Paraguay, oh well…Now, seriously, today I got an email about a very very interesting Paraguayan Artisan page called Paraguay Hecho a Mano (Paraguay handmade) and I would like to share it with you and encourage you to actually read it. I’m very proud of their work and I think that Paraguayan handcraft should be valuated internationally and export is the best option to reach that goal.

What will make me happy? Certainly to find a made in Paraguay item in a US store…it will me make proud, make me feel happy and surely put a big smile on my face.

Fuerza Paraguay!!!


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My trip to Mexico…

My trip to Mexico went very well, with a lot of surprises all the way.

I arrived in Mexico city on April 5th and met my friend Letti at the airport, she was coming from Toronto so we met at the airport, she is a fantastic girl, we have been friends since teenager and don’t see each other for years.

Then we went downtown Mexico City, It was just breathtaking, cleaner than people had told me, more organized, the traffic was bad on that day because if was holiday (Easter week) but overall downtown was full of colonial buildings, cute green and white VW working as taxis (riding a cab is very cheap there), and friendly people, I strangely I felt safe there, and of course I took some pictures, I wish I had more time there but we were late to head to the theater.

 We both are crazy about theater so we went to see a play called  ”Confessions de mujeres de 30″ , it was so funny, and so true!! after the play we went to Taxco…another beautiful city.

We arrived in Taxco very late and went to sleep in my friends friends house, which was beautiful on the top of a hill.

Taxco is a very uncommon city, it is know for its jewelry, their artisans elaborate brilliant designs and creations with delicate labor in silver, that’s was my main reason for my trip to Mexico, to buy Sterling Silver Jewelry, as most of you know by now I sell jewelry and travel to get the most original creations to sell to my clients.

On Friday we saw a procession, It was very impressive to see how people do such sacrifices in name of their faith, big crosses were carried by little men, autoflagelation, sticks with thorns, women in chains wearing black under a hot sun carrying huge candles, tons of people from all around Mexico spent that saint Friday in Taxco, for me was a really great experience.

Food in Taxco and overall in Mexico was just awesome, too spicy for my taste but people there were so nice to exchange the dish for a “non” spicy dish at not extra charge (In Paraguay we don’t eat spicy at all)

Restaurants there were incredible, very traditional, most of them with great city views, good prices and peaceful or even romantic ambiance…

On Saturday we went to the Tianguis (jewelry fairs) in an old jail now full of jewelry booths, so many stuff, so many jewelry, stones, prices…I got overwhelmed and at some point I was just too tired to see more jewelry…It was just too much for 1 day, but they have this tianguis just on Saturday’s so we had to but fast because we were on our way to Acapulco…and we wanted to arrive there with daylight to catch the last sun rays before down…

Acapulco part is for tomorrow…=)


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Yo el Supremo

I got “Yo El Supremo” by Augusto Roa Bastos, the most famouse Paraguayan writer and this is one of his best books…Thanks to my friend Javier (Thank you Javi!! for sending it)…I will certainly enjoy Roa Bastos during my trip and comment on it very soon, as promised!

Meantime try to get a book yourself I’m sure you will not regret it.




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