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Dreams of an Immigrant

Dreams of an ImmigrantRead the book here or

buy it to support the author

Today I got a express mail from my friend Bettina who lives on the East coast, I opened the envelope and inside I found a book named Dreams of an Immigrant by Elizabeth S. Steger. So I called my friend and she told me that she sent me this book as a gift because it was her inspiration…

It looked nice, so I started reading a few paragraphs and found it actually very interesting…it is a story of an Paraguayan immigrant that had dreams and fought for them, she has become an inspiration for many people.

I believe that people’s story can make an impact in other peoples lives, and I also believe that most of us in different ways have something to learn, something to share and a story to tell…

My blog is my way of communicating, of telling a story, perhaps my story or at least part of it, maybe be someone out there can use all these informations, little tips and suggestions in a practical way, that would me make very happy =)

Here is some information I found in Amazon about the book and the author.

Editorial Reviews

Book Description
Elizabeth Salomoni Steger has always been a dreamer with a purpose. As a child growing up in Paraguay, she dreamed of earning a degree from an American university. And she dreamed of using that education to become both professionally established and financially independent. Armed with determination and a creative mind, Steger’s dreams took flight as she won a Rotary scholarship to Purdue University. She still dreams of realizing her ultimate dream – helping the poor children in her native land in achieving their dreams through education and hard work.

Three decades later, Steger’s renowned expertise in forecasting annual orange crop production has earned her worldwide recognition from the citrus industry. Dreams of an Immigrant walks the reader down Steger’s own road to success. Her inspiring story is filled with hope and perseverance while providing practical ideas to help readers become successful and make the right choices in life. With the support of her family and her faith in God, Elizabeth takes the future in her hands and makes her dreams a reality.
About the Author
Elizabeth Salomoni Steger earned a Ph.D. in industrial chemistry from the National University of Asuncion in Paraguay and two master’s degrees from Purdue University, where she also received Distinguished Alumni and Master Awards. As president and CEO of Citrus Consulting International, Elizabeth provides forecasting, harvesting optimization and aerial tree inventory for private corporations.

Thanks Bettina my dear friend for the book!! xoxo


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Almost one year since I started this blog

Just a quick thought about this…it’s been almost 1 year since I started to write this blog…next month is Muna’s Blog anniversary, yeah!

To write a blog its needed more than writing skills, it is needed creativity, constancy focus and passion for the subject, well, I’m still trying to find myself in the middle of these skills, some of them I have more than others…

Sometimes I just wake up with no idea about what to write and other days my thoughts just flow…some days I’m a better writer than others, some days I’m more creative than others…and so on, It’s been almost a year now, a great year of new friendships, of new points of views and lots of information exchanged.

I got lots of emails during this year, people are nice, friendly and I’m glad to be able to contribute in my own way and with my thoughts with people that are interested in Paraguay.

One year…it is time for changes, I’m getting tired of my template and of the same colors …I change my hair color several times a year, I can’t even believe that I kept the same template for so much time…

Hopefully with some technical help I could open a forum space or maybe poles, an integrated photo gallery or some kind of interaction with my readers, that would be fun.

I also want to do a research about Paraguayan books, music and maps to recommend, and maybe find a guide for visitors who want to immerse in that whole new world called Paraguay.

When I’m in Paraguay almost everything I do is for the blog, my friends get tired of me teasing me that nobody reads my blog, jajaja, well, that fortunately it’s not true, I don’t know how many people read my blog but I’m sure that if only one reads it that  is more than enough to keep writing…besides the pleasure is all mine =)

Hope to get some feedback and suggestions to make this blog more fun for all people interested in Py.


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Internet in Paraguay…how to get connected and find friends online

For Current internet prices go to: Internet en Paraguay (sent to me by: Fernando, thanks)

People in Paraguay are getting more and more online lately, specially people under 30…there are cyber cafes in almost every neighborhood and more people are affording to own a laptop or desktop at home.

There are also more Internet providers like Copaco, Hipuu (that belongs to Tigo (belongs to , Multicanal (cable connection) those are the mayor ones, there are probably some other providers…Average prices for a residential connection is around 30$ to 35$, they are still not very fast, hopefully some day soon they will get faster, this days Internet is not a “nice thing to have” anymore it has become a necessary tool for development and education.

I was very surprised to find out that a lot of people, specially in Paraguay use the orkut website (that belongs to Google) it is like Myspace or facebook, but very popular in Paraguay, I got in contact with lost friends that I didn’t know where to find, I found them there, it is so cool to catch up with elementary school peers that with the years you lost track of. =-)

…and there you can search for friends of your friends, there is probably you know somebody or you have some friend in common you didn’t know…or you make new friends expanding your friendship network…isn’t that great. Another interesting thing about that site is that you can join communities and there are thousands of them.

So, If you want to join orkut please let me know so I can send you an invite, otherwise you won’t be able to register, it is only by referrals, that is to avoid spam I guess.

Meanwhile I will be catching up with some old friends and maybe if I’m lucky enough get some new ones.


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Very Cool Nature Photo gallery

Browsing around I came across to this beautiful Paraguay Nature photo gallery, I would like to share it with you…

This photographer Martin Crespo is among the bests of Paraguay, his work is just awesome, he is a creative and very talented photographer and that is reflected in his work.

Enjoy the site

Paraguay Photo Gallery.


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Felicidades Javier Medina!!

Exitos amigo mio! Te mereces el premio! Se lo mucho que laburaste para ganarte el 1er lugar.

One of my best friends Javier Medina a very well known photographer and artist from Paraguay won the first price of a very important contest called The Henri Matisse award and is going to Nantes (France) for 2 months and 1 week in Paris for an art course.

He the price won with his photography essay called Fachadas (8 photos that show the political situation in Paraguay) and he also presented a very elaborated video made with photos which I saw when he still was editing it…it was weird, but great.

I only can say the the effort was worthy and that we (all your friends) very proud of you!

This is an article from the newspaper:

Source: Diario La Nacion

Javier Medina ganó el Premio “Henri Matisse” El jurado, constituido por Ticio Escobar, Olga Larnaudie, Adriana Almada y Christian Rosique, hizo público su fallo ayer cerca del mediodía en el local de la Alianza Francesa.

El primer lugar corresponde a Javier Medina, quien recibirá una invitación del gobierno de Francia, que incluye pasaje aéreo de ida y vuelta y gastos de estadía, para realizar un viaje de estudios en el transcurso del año 2008.
El segundo premio, que consiste en libros de arte otorgados por la Embajada de Francia y un pasaje a Porto Alegre, a la bienal del Mercosur 2007, otorgado por Gente de Arte, recayó en Arnaldo Cristaldo.
Recibieron menciones de honor los artistas Manuel Salinas y Francisca Espínola. Del mismo modo, fueron seleccionadas seis obras que formarán parte de la exposición de cierre, el 22 de agosto, a las 19, en la Manzana de la Rivera (Ayolas 129).
Trabajos de Patricia Noemí Escobar Castro, Arnaldo Cristaldo, Yuri Hayashi, Jorge Ocampos, Sebastián Boesmi y Marcelo Medina serán expuestos.
La muestra podrá visitarse hasta el 30 de agosto.

One of his photo:


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Asuncion’s Birthday…470 Years.

Source: Diario Ultima Hora

470 años: Asunción hoy conjuga los rasgos de su rica historia con la modernidad

Edificios que datan del siglo XVIII se mantienen en medio de construcciones de altura, dando a la capital una atractiva imagen. Pese al desorden y escasa infraestructura, la ciudad tiene mucho que ofrecer.

 ver más imágenes

Palacio de López, en Asunción.

Por Erwing Rommel Gómez

A pesar del desordenado crecimiento que experimenta, la ciudad de Asunción -que hoy celebra 470 años de fundación- conjuga las antiguas construcciones, que hablan de su rica historia, y la moderna arquitectura, traducida en edificios de altura.

Antiguas residencias y edificios que sirvieran de morada a ex mandatarios, próceres y otras personalidades, o de base en la lucha por la conquista y el apuntalamiento de nuestra independencia, traspasan incluso los límites del denominado casco histórico de la capital, ubicándose en zonas aledañas al microcentro.

La Municipalidad de Asunción maneja un listado de 200 inmuebles que son considerados como patrimonio de la capital, los cuales forman parte de un plan de recuperación y remozamiento.

La arquitecta Ana Dávalos, directora de Obras Vecinales, informó que en el primer paquete se atenderán 40 de estas propiedades, las cuales están ubicadas por sobre todo en el centro capitalino.

Resaltó que todos aquellos propietarios que se acojan a este proyecto serán beneficiados con una reducción en el pago de sus impuestos y tasas especiales.

Acotó que lo que piden a los dueños es comprar la pintura a ser aplicada a la obra, que debe respetar el tono original, quedando la mano de obra a cargo de la Comuna.

INTERINSTITUCIONAL. El director general de Cultura del Municipio, Fernando Pistilli, explicó que la tarea que se realiza sobre estas edificaciones, muchas de las cuales datan del siglo XVIII, se realizan de forma institucional, involucrando al Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones (MOPC), la Asociación de Empresarios del Centro (Asocentro), y la Comuna asuncena, entre otros.

Entre las construcciones de valor se encuentra La Manzana de la Rivera.

La misma está integrada por un conjunto de 9 casas restauradas, entre ellas Casa Viola, Casa Clari, Casa Vertúa, Casa Castelví, Casa Ballario, Casa Serra, Casa Emasa y El Patio Leonor.

La residencia del ex mandatario Eusebio Ayala, considerado uno de los más honestos, se alza en Mariscal Estigarribia y Estados Unidos.


Teresita Escobar, Teatro Municipal: “Recuperaremos parte histórica”

“Recuperaremos la parte posterior del Teatro, donde funcionaba el antiguo Congreso y hay vestigios del primer cañonazo en época de Don Carlos Antonio López. Queremos habilitar un museo con piezas de ese Congreso.”


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Bife a Caballo…

My friend Jungle mom asked me what bife a caballo is…

A steak with onions and eggs on the top, its just great!


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What did I do in Paraguay…

I cut my finger, so I couldn’t write for a while…but I’m back now, as usual life is pretty busy and I’m finally getting back to the routine…which is good in some senses, the totally not routine that I had is Paraguay was crazy, was great great, but I couldn’t live that way everyday…It is just one crazy adventure, and you don’t even know what is your next day going to be like…it is fantastic, I just love it, but on the other hand I cannot live a hippie life without a minimum structure, it is great 3 months a year…

People write me a lot to find out all the things I did and eat in Paraguay…here are some

What I did…(in my shortened vacation, I stayed 1 month and 10 days in Paraguay)

Went to the theater to see a play called Filomena Marturano (I love theaters!! I studied drama for 3 years)

I Meet people that I known from this blog: Ms Marie, Bettina and also the Edwards Familie (which live very close to my house in Asuncion)

I worked on my Jewelry project with an artisan From Luque.

I saw most of my friends (zillions)

I went to the following restaurants and bars: Il Capo, San Roque, La flor de la Canela, Chifa, Patio de Comidas del Shopping Villamorra, Siete vacas y un toro, Bayern Stuben, Cafe Havanna, Bar constitucion, Britannia Pub, Sugar, Monte Libano, Lido, Super Centro, Hooters, Mercadito 2 Las Delicias, Il Mangiare, Na Neca in Altos, todo rico chinese restaurant, Bonafide…Obviously I gained like 6 pounds, but they were sooooo worthy.

Country side trips: Aregua, Altos and Atyra

Went to the Circus Kroner

Went to a San Juan (a typical festival, like a carnival, in June)

Took photos…tons but they are never enough (I have realized and confirmed that my happiest moments where the ones I was taking photos).

Wandered around downtown…by myself, it was nice to reflect about life and current situation.

Bought some art

Went to the Mercado 4

Went to a photo exhibit

Went to ABC to see my friend Ricardo

Sold some jewelry (I even worked)

Went to the dentist (much much more cheaper than here)

Was testimony and god mother of my brothers wedding

Went to the Expo, a huge state fair (July 07)

Got massages for 45 min for 8 bucks

Philosophy with my friends (most of them are artists)

What did I eat: Sopa de pescado, empanadas, sopa de pollo, milanesa, bife a caballo, ravioles, pasta,

What I didn’t do



Grocery shopping

Use the Internet (only the minimum for email and sometimes for blogging)

Go to Ciudad del Este (which was planned)

Go to the gym

buy stuff

What I didn’t like


Cold (it was tooo cold this year)

What did I notice

Everything has gotten expensive, much more expensive than last year

Downtown looks cleaner but more abandoned

In few months they have build some new stores, shopping’s,coffle shops, bars in the new area, very luxurious (I wonder where the money is coming from??)

People go out a lot…and then they complain they don’t have money? come on!


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El Mirador Paraguayo and Maitei

After asking around I finally found 2 websites from Paraguayan abroad…

EL mirador

Sounds interesting, maybe now I will be able to see my art work from Paraguay =)

This is another one



Ricardo Migliorisi (very famouse Paraguayan Artist) 

FOR SALE 800$ plus 50$ Shipping…ask for measurements if interested, Unique piece of art =)


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What do Paraguayans do? Great Photos…click to enlarge

 They text message…

They keep windshields clean…

They preach in public parks…

They work and think or think and work…

They take care of shoes…

They assist you in your car…

They help each other…

They keep informed…

They rest…


They share small spaces…

They share a cold Terere…

They ride a CAR…

They hitchhike…

They tie their lifes forever…

They assist photo exhibits (by the way the photos on the wall are mine!! )

 They like it cold and prefer the red box…


 They get tickets….

 They guard their Nation


 They pose…

They laugh…

They camp in public spaces… (Natives Ocupaying the Plaza Uruguaya (2007), asking the Government for implements)


They find their way home…

and …They clean up…


more of my pictures soon on Flickr!!!……..


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