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Se vienen los "storms" o tormentas, hay que estar preparados

Aqui comparto con ustedes lo que aprendi el ultimo storm

Hice una listita…preparense por las dudas.

No deja de sorprendermes como uno nunca esta lo suficientemente preparado para las catastrofes en mayor o menor escala

Obviamente con esta experienciac aprendi varias cosas

1. Nunca subestimar nada, mucho menos una situacion de emergencia

2. Las velas nunca son suficientes, siempre se necesitan “mas” y por lo general ya nadie las vende

3- Las linternas son un deposito para pilas muertas y a la hora de la verdad nunca funcionan

4- Hasta un picadillo frio es rico cuando es lo unico que hay.

5- Los telefonos a disco o “analogicos” a la hora de la verdad te salvan, los digitales no funcionan cuando se corta la luz

6- Tener un cargador de auto para el celular si fuera posible podria hacer una gran diferencia

7-  Aunque NO se fume (mi caso) tener siempre un encendedor o fosforos a mano (ahora aprendi eso!!)

8- No subestimar la naturaleza, no sobre- estimar la capacidad del hombre (que no es un mago), toma trabajo limpiar un desastre naturar y volver a conectar cables o levantar alboles caidos, no es magia y como se suele decir : al apretar el boton del ascensor mas fuerte no vas a hacerlo venir mas rapido.

9- Agradecer y disfrutar lo que se tiene, ahora lo veo como todo un privilegio.

10- Juntar una reserva de viveres en una caja, agua, fosforos, velas, comida en latas, encendedores, leña, y medicamentos si es que uno necesita tomarlos a diario. Obviamente el combustible tb, pero como es dificil almacenarlo por lo menos tratar de tener el tanque lleno cuando se este prognosticando una tormenta.

11- El plan B siempre es irse a lo de un amigo o un hotel.

12- Tener numeros de emergencia y de amigos a mano por las dudas.

Lastimosamente estas cosas son imprevisibles y nunca se sabe si se van a dar, como y cuando, solo nos resta estar preparados.


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Asuncion Map

Thank you Nandito!!

The best Asuncion Map available with the most popular spots is my Asuncion Map, my husband did this amazing job, he manually placed the push pins over the most interesting spots, but come back soon and check it out again because we will be adding more interesting stops very soon.

You will find the MAP on the tabs above near About Me tab.

I Hope you enjoy this satellite trip from Asuncion. =)


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Let’s Help a little girl…Todos por Mia Valentina.

I was just reading and noticed a flashing advertisement that read “Everyone for Mia Valentina” I clicked there and read a story of a little girl that is very sick and needs our help…the more places we show her website called Mia Valentina the more possibilities she has to get the money she needs for her recovery…Together we can help Mia Valentina to live.

Collected Money (28/09 13:04)

18.205,43 U$S

We need 300.000 U$S




She needs your help …
She is Mia Valentina Ortiz Bonnin, from Lambaré, Paraguay. She is only 8 months old, and she needs our help… She was diagnosed with a chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction, with compatibility of visceral myopathy.
With only a few months of life, she was operated in Paraguay in 5 opportunities and once in Argentina; the forecasts are not very well, specially because our country doesn’t have the required medical specialists, infrastructure or the necesary equipment to carry out a treatment for a case like this.

Today, Mia Valentina is in search of a miracle! That allows her to live as a normal child, grow up and live her dreams and enjoy like everyone of us…

Our goal is to send a help message to the world, search for hope to our little Mía Valentina. We search supportive hearts that bring a bit of love to this little girl, and only with the faith in God we are going to achieve our goal. Everyone for Mia Valentina!!

See Guestbook

Mia Valentina

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I was just reading and noticed a flashing advertisement that said “all for Mia Valentina” and entered there and read a story of a little girl that is very sick and needs our help…the more places we show her website called Mia Valentina the more possibilities she has to get the money she need for her surgery…This is for Mia Valentina, let’s help this little girl in the way we can.


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Paraguayan Yerba Mate here in the US

I’m very happy to let you know that some friends of mine are importing the greatest Yerba Mate leaves and tea directly from Paraguay and they sell it here in the US. Yerba Mate grow only in a few parts of the world and Paraguay is the biggest producer of Yerba Mate also know as Ilex Paraguaiensis.

On top of importing and selling Yerba Mate they also have recently opened a tea shop in Monroe WA which is awesome, the name of the tea house is Mate Energy, they just opened their doors to the general public this week.

I actually went there for the pre- inauguration to try out their great variety of all kind of Yerba Mate tea combinations and some exclusive made sweets. Which I totally loved, will try to pay a visit more often.

Paula, the girlfriend of one of the owners told me that the first days they had so many people trying yerba mate and that they walked out of the tea shop with a happy face and a cup of yerba mate in their hands…=) What a big satisfaction!

Felicidades Paulita y Ricardo for this excellent idea of bringing one of our best assets to the US. Muchos exitos!

The least I could do it’s to present their web site to you…enjoy!

Aviva Yerba Mate - Just Like Green Tea, Only Better!

Plain Yerba | Flavored Teabags | Loose Blends | Summer Blends | Sample Packs | Matelattes | Gift Sets | Gourds/Bombillas | Modern Drinking Assessories | Vega Whole Foods | Thrive Book | VIEW CART

100% Wild Harvest ~ Pure Leaf Yerba Mate!

Yerba Mate (pronounced “Mah-Tay”) is truly a remarkable herbal beverage which ranks exceptionally high in nutritional content among brewed or steeped drink products. For pennies a serving, a cup of yerba mate provides more value and is more cost effective than many manufactured energy drinks or meal replacement options on the market. Additionally, a large number of consumers trying to kick the coffee habit have found yerba mate to be a healthful, yet still stimulating, alternative to their cup of joe.

A South American Tradition Revered for Centuries…
92% Household Consumption Rate in Argentina!
(compared to only a 62% rate for coffee in the US)

Since 1998, our mission at Aviva has been to responsibly cultivate, harvest, package, and distribute to our worldwide customers the finest quality yerba mate from South America. Like coffee and tea, not all yerba mate tastes the same. The environment, growing conditions, and harvesting methods greatly affect the taste and potency of the Mate infusion. In fact, a recent study shows that shade grown yerba possesses a higher concentration of nutrients than plants cultivated under the hot sun!

A unique Wild Harvest yerba mate grown exclusively for Aviva!

Not only is our yerba mate free from pesticides and chemicals, it is grown and harvested in its natural forest environment! This is the best way to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the land and its inhabitants. We’re not aware of another mate product on the market today that is produced in this manner. A portion of each purchase of our Avivaâ„¢ brand yerba mate is directly allocated to the betterment of those who live and work on our ranch in Paraguay. “Because We Grow, We Know”

The wild plant has a distinct aroma and taste that has not been matched by plantation cultivation. - Raintree Nutrition

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about this South American favorite. We’re confident you won’t find another place on the web with a purer product or more factual information on yerba than right here! We offer exceptional value for this pure leaf grade of specialty tea. If you decide to purchase from us, simply spend a minimum of $35, and we’ll absorb all the shipping and packaging costs! ($8 value!) If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

FREE SHIPPING on domestic Internet orders over $50! $35!!

Yerba Mate exports from Argentina for Q1 2007 rose 40% from same period a year ago (8,686 tons). - Latin AM. News Digest

Thrive by Brendan Brazier
A triathlete’s guide to optimal health and performance through plant-based wholefoods. Click Here to learn more!
Brendan uses Aviva yerba mate exclusively for drinking and cooking. What do you use?

Aviva Yerba Mate Nutritional Analysis from Medallion Labs
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Antioxidant Activity of Common Foods (TE/100g)

Pure Vitamin E (standard antioxidant)

Aviva Yerba Mate

Red Beans



Brocolli Flowers

*Trolox Units per 100g dry weight sample of Aviva Yerba Mate; Prakash PhD, Aruna, Medallion Labs Analytical Report, Antioxidant Activity, Summer 2001.

Aviva Iced Mate Blends

Summer Brews
Check out these delicious and healthful blends of yerba mate, black tea, and real fruit!
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Download a free White Paper on Yerba Mate

This paper addresses issues relating to health benefits, side effects, pregnancy, and the mateine vs. caffeine debate. (updated 6/23/07)
(File is in PDF format. Requires Acrobat Reader)


Yerba Mate

Health Benefits

Mate Research

Aviva Quality*


Brewing Mate


About Us

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About me

Some of you may wonder who am I, and since today is our 1st birthday I will tell you a little bit more about me.

My name is Muna (as you already know) and yes, that is my real name.

I grew up in Ciudad del Este (where Itaipu is, the biggest dam of the world) that is in the border with Foz do Iguazu better know by its Falls (Iguazu Falls), I lived there until I was 12, we lived in front of a lake, lago de la Republica. Ciudad del Este at that time was known as Ciudad Jardin, a very prosperous land, that was known before 1989 as Ciudad Presidente Stroessner.

My childhood was great, growing up in Paraguay was a blessing, I had so much fun, had great friends, my parents owned a electronics stores that was one of the firsts ones, he imported electronics and radio equipment from Japan and other stuff from all around the world, he is a very skilled business man, he knows his way around. I have 4 brothers, 2 older ones that were very much into racing motorcycles and cars, one of my brothers is still doing that and is very popular in Paraguay because he won a lot of rally’s so far…at that time we didn’t have internet so people used to enjoy time. Distances were close, you could even spend the day in Brazil across the border if you wanted, (we used to do that on weekends with my parents and my brothers)

We had fun, we had so many friends and life was easy on us most of the time.

The good times of Ciudad del Este were slowly gone. We moved to Asuncion the Capital when I was 12. Adjusting there was pretty tough because I was admitted to a German School (Golegio Goethe, or Goethe Schule) and education there was strict and in German (My mom is German) I was fluent in German but couldn’t write and overall was tough because I was new, had no friends and life in smaller cities are different than the “bigger ones”

But soon I loved to live in Asuncion, we had a very nice and big house, we had tons of friends and normal life experiences. My parents were very loving and also my brothers.

I was a good girl, once my mom told me not to smoke or drink, or use drugs or have friends that are into this things…I always for my own good obeyed here, I never smoked in my life, never tried a drug not even the lightest ones, was not into that circle of friends and just drank in occasions and very moderately. Thanks God my mom talked to me, I still remember her words.

I finished I school at age 16 then I passed the admission exams to become a lawyer when I was 17, I finished law at the age of 23. The following year I completed another carrier called Escribania y Notariado and then went to Salamanca University in Spain for my post graduation course in Civil Law, after the course I toured around Europe, that was my third time in Europe, which I really love and since then I never went back.

During my university period I studied 3 years drama and participated in a play in a famous theater in Paraguay called teatro de las Americas, que play was for kids and its name was Que hay de malo en ser diferentes?, what is wrong about being different?, I also studied English for almost 2 years and Italian who I had the opportunity to practice both times I went to Italy, I also studied Oil Painting with Porfirio Bustos among tons of other stuff. My friends used to make fun of me because I was always studying things.

I opened a Law office in Paraguay with another peer and we became to work together in downtown Asuncion for a few years. Work there was difficult and most of the time I was surrounded by corruption, my daily work was to go to court (Palacio de Justicia) Or justice Palace. I was disappointed with the system, and most of the time I worked for free to help people that couldn’t afford a lawyer, I saw many things, many divorces and also many people getting back together, I saw big men’s crying because the were about to lose their houses or people that had legal problems and didn’t even have money to buy their kids medicine…the corruption, the negligence and the slowness and all the stress made of this experience a tough one, but I made me grow as a person and human being, has made me see things differently and not take situations for granted.

I had a very happy teenage years and my parents always let me study what I wanted

I moved to the US 5 years ago, I took several photography courses which I really enjoy, I’m studying chinese for almost 2 years, And I also started designing jewelry, and making some of them too, here you can see photos of my work.

I was always a very creative person and finally now I can really enjoy that part of my life.

I’m married for almost 9 years, and have 2 children, a boy and a girl (6 and 3 years old)

Some things about me…

My favorite book is: The unbearable lightness of being by

Milan Kundera

The places I most want to visit are: Prague, Sydney and Bora Bora

My Favorite Singer is:

Eros Ramazzotti

My favorite Activity is: Taking Pictures (specially street pictures and documentary pictures)

I’m afraid of Spiders

The place I most like to hang out is in Bookstores

I don’t like crowded places or noisy places like discos, I rather have a good conversations in a pub or so.

My favorite food is seafood, Italian food.

My personal goal is to travel around the world to take pictures.

I have 2 plants and both are of plastic.

My overall goal is move back to Paraguay to build schools and invest in Education that is the base of a corruption free country.

I don’t like to cook, (cooking is becoming a very dangerous journey…I always get burned or cut =(

Things I love to do: working and designing jewelry…I’m not a good designer but I have good vision about taste and beauty. Taking Pictures

Good things about me:

I’m a very persistent person, reliable and funny and very friendly.

Easy going, never have problems to do things

I’m multitasking, do millions of things at the same time.

I always believe in people, and trust them.

I’m a good adviser (specially in love related matter…I have some steady “clients” that call from different parts of the world. ;)

I love people and being around them

Bad Things:

I’m not very very punctual, Don’t like to fight some times I’m a push over But I will fight to preserve my rights.

I speak too much, I’m very messy, not an organized person in order matters. I suck about directions and orientations (cant distinguish north from south)

Interesting People I met and talked to:

Bill Gates and Ricardo Arjona (Well known Guatemalan singer) I love his songs btw.

Best gift I ever got for a Birthday

At one of my birthdays my brother Sami took a group of Mariachis to play for me and my guests.

Short time dreams:

Spend my birthday in Paraguay with my friends in Family…December 28th is my date (which makes of my a Capricorn)…it’s been 5 years now that I don’t spend my birthday there =(

Things I have learned so far: “Life is all about the experience”.


espejoMy self portrait


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Muna’s Blog First Anniversary! Happy Birthday dear Blog! – Gráficos em Português

Today is our anniversary, this same day one year ago I wrote the first post…I can hardly believe it. This was a great experience, I have learned a lot about my country and had the opportunity to write my own thoughts and anecdotes too.

I can’t believe that 1 year have already past, It seemed yesterday that we came up with the idea.

What did I learned and enjoyed from this experience

1- I met in person some of my readers and found out that they thought that my tips were useful

2- Got some great and faithful readers that so far I haven’t meet in person but I’m looking forward to do so

3- The closest people to me are the people that less read my blog (maybe because most are Paraguayans, or maybe because they don’t speak English, or maybe they don’t even know about my blog?)…It’s still a mystery.

4- You love your own country more when you are far…

5- Writing is an art, writing in English a miracle. (at least for me)

6- My happiest moments are when I can take street pictures in Paraguay (well, I knew this before..I guess)

7- This blog has so many information about Paraguay that me myself have used it a lot when searching for things that I couldn’t find where else, like URLs I have put together and other information.

8- That often temporary things become permanent things (like my green template)

9- That writing this blog made me see deeper into situations and order my ideas clearly to write it down after wards.

10- My friends use to make fun of me telling me that I’m wasting so my time with this blog, adding photos and researching interesting stuff…THEY ARE SO WRONG.

11- One can never have too much cake!! Happy Birthday! You made this possible…Let’s celebrate…just pick the cake you want!! – Gráficos em Português – Gráficos em Português – Gráficos em Português


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Paraguay Radio Stations online…GREAT Find!

Está escuchando: Radio Amor 95.9 FM Radio Caraguatay 90.3 FM Radio Chaco Boreal 1330 AM Radio Conquistador 89.1 FM Radio Emisoras Paraguay 106.1 FM Radio Evolución 89.3 FM Radio Fernando de la Mora 92.7 FM Radio La Estación 91.1 FM Radio Laser 103.1 FM Radio Libertad 95.7 Radio Montecarlo 100.9 FM Radio 1000 AM Radio RGS 94.3 FM Radio Top Milenium 91.5 FM Radio Transcontinental 98.1 FM Radio Urbana 106.9 FM Radio Online – Damas Gratis Radio Online – GRC Musical Radio Online – RGS Purahei Radio Online – RGS Underground Radio Online – Tradición y Cultura

Si es la primera vez que intenta escuchar radios
por favor haga click aquí o no podrá oírlas.


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From Paraguay

Sweet of MilkI’m very happy that I finally found a web site that sells Original Paraguayan goods here in the US and Spain.

This site that is called JoseMar Food Corp. is just awesome and I would like to share it with you in case you have some cravings about Paraguayan “delicatessen”…this site sells original Paraguayan  Chipitas, different brands of yerba Mate and Medicinal Teas, Miled Peanut, Papaya Syrup. Dulce de Leche Trebol and Dona Angela, Dulce de batata, Jam of Guave (to make the very exquisite Pasta Frola), It also sells Thermos for Mate and Terere, Bombillas and gourds or guampas, All kind of beans and corn among other great goodies.

I must also say that prices are very fair, I never bought from there but I’m very glad I found this site and I might check them out pretty soon.

Another interesting site I would like to share is, that means From Paraguay in Spanish, there you will find chats, Forum, Fotos, Post Cards and Messages and what i mostly love are the PARAGUAY ONLINE RADIOS, YES! YOU CAN LISTEN TO PARAGUAY STATIONS THRU THE INTERNET…isn’t that awesome?



I’m listen to it now…WOW! Love it!!


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My Paraguay Photo Video


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Paraguay Pigeons Hunting

One of the most amazing things of Paraguay is by far its nature, Paraguay is a very rich country, where you just throw a seed and it will likely grow, in that sense it is a blessed country.

We have an extensive fauna, according to recent studies the data indicates that there are 200 species of fish, 645 species of birds, 167 types of mammals. Unfortunately many of them are little known in South America.

In Paraguay we also have an enormous variety of birds, from parrots to tiny songbirds.

On the extensive list of animals native to Paraguay, those noteworthy of mention are the yaguareté, the mboi yaguá, the yaguá yvyguy, the capybara, the puma, the yurumí, the mboreví or tapir, the cayman, the deer, the caguaré, the carayá, the mykuré, and some on the endangered species list such as the Chilean coot, the aguará guazú and the saw-toothed duck.  Among the numerous types of birds are the blue macaw, the tuyuyú cuartelero, the yrybú, the chahá, the charata, the ypaka’a, the songbird, the san francisco, the calandra lark, the corochiré and the ñakurutú (great horned owl).

I remember that when I was in the plane traveling to Paraguay I started a conversation with a man who was going to Paraguay, he was living in Miami and told me that was his 5th trip to Paraguay, he was reading a IATA book and I thought he was a pilot.

Then he told me he would spend 1 day in Asuncion and then fly to Boqueron (Chaco Part) to hunt Pigeons, then I remember that last year on the same plane (TAM, on Sao Paulo- Asuncion route) I met another man that was going to Paraguay for the same reason…

I still wonder if its legal or not, people say it is…I’m particularly not a big hunting fan, not even to preserve plantations, I must have another solution, don’t ya think? well, that is just my humble opinion…

People in Paraguay know little or nothing about these organized trips for Pigeons hunting, that are mostly run by foreign people8yt9huioqkgp[ow3r80yh8y8ho , so I talked to a local person who explained to me that these Pigeons are ruining entire plantations and farmers are losing a lot of money because of the birds, they are becoming a plague there…So maybe that’s why there are these organized agencies who promote pigeon hunting and eco tours around Paraguay.

As it is said…when it’s raining is someone who sells umbrellas and where someone is crying there is also someone who sells handkerchief.

Here you can see a video and a website about that.


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