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Caprissimo Goat cheese farm in Paraguay

I’m honored to present to you Caprissimo the first Goat Cheese made in Paraguay, the Farm “Las Orquideas” belongs to friend of mine and I must say I’m really impressed of the great job they did, of the looks of the farm, the beauty of the lands and the impressive appearance of the cheese tablets they offer for sell, they also sell Goat Milk.

Congratulations Roman and Cano families!

You can read their blog at:



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People and Business finder in Paraguay

A dear reader sent me a very useful link to find people and business in Paraguay.

Thanks Hector for the tip!

Its like White and Yellow pages,


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Paraguay Bloggers

To read what Paraguayan bloggers are saying please check out, and click under Paraguay, there are many interesting blogs about Paraguay with some translations.

I’m blogging as an author for Paraguay, and here is my post for them about Yellow fever, currently a very concerning situation.


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Soy Paraguay my friend! Soy Paraguayo y que?

This song is now very very popular in Paraguay…the lyrics is so funny =), will try to translate it very soon.


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El Pombero

Source: Cultura del Paraguay and


I thought to tell you about Paraguay’s mythology, it is part of its vast culture and beliefs and the characters are quite interesting.

Today I will tell you a little bit about


He is one of the genies of the nature, one of the most popular in the guaranitic region. The more antique notice that we have about Pompero is that he is the protector of the birds that appeared in the forest to young hunters as a very tall and thin man.

But the modern versions in general describe him as a short man with a cane, he exchanges big services for food and tobacco. You can become friends with Pombero if you leave him on some tobacco on the base of a tree. He can be a powerful ally or an unbearable troublemaker. He can help you with the crop or with love affairs if he is your friend.

Among his favorite activities are steeling eggs, chicken and honey, frightening horses, scattering corn, rice or other provisions.

Another interesting quality is that it is said that the  Pombero is able to imitate the sounds of various forest creatures. Most specifically it is believed that the Pombero can imitate birdsong, especially those of a nocturnal variety, and as such is viewed as something of a protector of the birds.

The Pombero is also often accused of impregnating single women either by a mere touch of his hand or by raping them in the night. Another character from Guaraní mythology, the Kurupi, is blamed in a similar manner for unexpected or unexplained pregnancies. The Pombero is difficult, if not impossible, to detect due to his silent movements as well as other supernatural abilities, such as being able to turn invisible, squeeze through impossibly narrow spaces, or other such feats.

His name in Guarani is Kuarahy Jara that means Owner of the Sun.

Jorge Martinez, says that in Paraguays and guarani society, the Pombero has a bigger meaning which is that he is responsible of the birth of extra marital children, and it is said that babies who are born ugly and hairy are likely the result of a visit from the Pombero

This myth still exists not only among people without education but also among students says Jorge Martinez.

He also says that is a mistake to think that myths are something that happened in the past and not as something living that nowadays is still current in living experiences.

I will try to talk about the different characters in coming posts…each of them has its own characteristics, are they real? could be! that is something I can’t tell, but Guaranitic mythology characters they are much human than other mythology with all these super fantastic and supernatural powers.


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How to make mate- A really good Lesson!


Bar de Terere in Paraguay…WOW…Great view of Altos!!


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Second post for Global Voices is up

Enjoy the really cool recommended blogs!


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Paraguay- Poesia


Tierra fertil de infinita belleza

De Cielos limpidos y celestes

Rios libres y caudalosos adornan sus rojas tierras

Naranjos y lapachos embellecen sus aceras

Canciones de una noche calurosa impregnadas en el aire languido

tiempo que se estanca

un dia que se apaga con la llegada del ocaso

otro dia que no vuelve.

Ya las luces se encienden timidamente

un saludo a la bahia

una sonrisa y una lagrima caia

el ruido del silencio cerca del alba anuncia un nuevo dia

para asi repetir el eterno circulo de la vida.


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About Me

This is not about Paraguay, this is about myself.

I just want to let you know that I have 2 stores now, maybe some of you want to check them out, I have and will have more awesome jewelry from Paraguay, great Larimar Jewelry, some Amber and of course my own creations =)

Please check them out whenever you have time



julieta toledo libelula2 Filimar pulsera4


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Yellow Fever in Paraguay

It seems that Paraguay is under attack, last year was the Dengue, this year it seems that yellow fever is attacking.

Around 2000 people were waiting today in front of a local hospital to get a vaccine, some people even went to Clorinda, Argentina to get vaccinated.

On Monday 1 million vaccines are expected to be distributed, those Vaccines against Yellow Fiber are a donation from neighborhood Countries. 

They are investigating the origin of the disease in the patients, the ministry is very concerned about the situation so the whole population.

A few people have recently died in Paraguay of Yellow Fever.

Paraguay has even declared emergency situation due this epidemic attack.

I just wish this situation gets under control soon…sometimes it seems that this is just our luck. =(


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