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Carlos Bittar (Photographer)

Carlos Bittar is a great friend of mine, and I always loved his work, he captures the exact moment with an unique style that make his photographs a visual poesy where words take a second plan and images speak for themselves.

He is a great artist and a sensitive person, one of my favorite essays is called Ultima Estacion (Last Station) it is about Paraguay’s train stations, he traveled to different cities to make this wonderful work, he also turned that essay into a book that is one of the best pieces of Paraguay’s documentary story that I have ever seen.

Days ago he sent me his web site and I found out much more about him that I didn’t know,  and once again I’m impressed with his photographs.

Bitu: thanks for sharing your web site and thanks for being an asset for Paraguay art and Culture.


Carlos Bittar (Bitu) website




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Paraguay’s upcoming elections

The ones of you that read my blog already realized that Politics is not my favorite subject but I can’t close my eyes and avoid this subject any longer.

I always thought that no president can rule a country by its own and people are the reflection of their governors, and so it is most of the times.

In April we will have to vote, well, unfortunately Ex pats Paraguayans wont be able to vote thru their consulate =( I don’t know how they couldn’t figure it out a way for us that live away from Paraguay to vote.

At this point I hope the less worse wins, because I don’t see much light on the horizon for this issue and maybe that’s why I have been avoiding to write about this for so long.

Meet the candidates:

Blanca Ovelar 

She is the Colorado Party‘s nominee for president in the April 2008 presidential election.

Ovelar was backed for the Colorado Party nomination by President Nicanor Duarte. Initial results showed Ovelar narrowly defeating her rival for the nomination, former Vice President Luis Castiglioni, in the party’s primary, held in December 2007;[1] however, the result was disputed, leading to a recount.[2] On January 21, the Colorado Party electoral commission announced that Ovelar had won with 45.04% of the vote against 44.5% for Castiglioni, although Castiglioni continued to claim victory.[3]

She is the first woman to run for president in Paraguay. If elected she will be Paraguay’s first female president.


Lino Cesar Oviedo

Oviedo was born in poverty in the town of Juan de Mena (Cordillera Department) on September 23, 1943. He chose a military career, studied in Germany and eventually became a close aide to General Andrés Rodríguez. He was named chief of the Army in 1993. When President Juan Carlos Wasmosy asked him to step down from that position in April 1996, he allegedly refused and threatened a coup d’etat. After days of tension, Wasmosy offered him the Defence Ministry instead, but when Oviedo went to the presidential palace to take the oath, dressed in civilian clothes, the President, backed by popular demonstrations, withdrew the offer.

Ousted from the military, he concentrated in winning the ruling Colorado Party’s candidacy for the 1998 presidential elections, and succeeded by presenting a populist platform through his great rhetorical skills. A month before the national elections, and while leading the polls, he was finally condemned to a ten-year prison term for his 1996′s military mutiny. His running mate Raúl Cubas continued the campaign and eventually won the elections, largely based on the promise to free Oviedo, which in fact he did days after taking office, over the protest of the Paraguayan Supreme Court and opposition leaders.

In March 1999, vice president Luis María Argaña, a key political enemy of both Oviedo and president Cubas, was assassinated. In mid of riots and political turmoil, Cubas resigned, abandoning Oviedo, who fled into exile, first in Argentina and then in Brazil.

On June 28, 2004, he returned to Paraguay and was detained by the police, who took him to the Military Prison of Viñas Cué, located a short distance from Asunción. Initially sentenced to a ten-year term, he was released on parole for good behaviour on 6 September 2007.

Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez (born May 30, 1949 in San Pedro del Parana, Itapua, Paraguay) is a Paraguayan politician and a Roman Catholic bishop. He is a presidential pre-candidate in the 2008 election. He had requested laicization in order to run for office. However, the Holy See instead suspended him from exercising ordained ministry, but did not dismiss him from the clerical state

Debate of Fernando Lugo and Oviedo


Well, tell me now, for whom will you vote?


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