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Luque & Asuncion Photos

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Paraguayan Classified page

I find this site very interesting and helpful, its like a Paraguayan craigslist where you can find almost anything real estate, rental, buy and sell things, from laptops to cars and from jobs to services and you can even put your classified up for free in case you are looking for something specific.

Check it out, I myself used this page several times very successfully.

The page is in Spanish but very easy to use.


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I’m Back

Hey guys, I’m back from Buenos Aires it was so much fun, as a big city Buenos Aires has a lot to offer, art, coffee shops, antiques, many books, I bought so many books I have books for 2 years now!, I ate so much and great stuff, Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities in the world…taxi is cheaper there than it is in Asuncion, its amazing, another great place to visit in Buenos Aires is a neighborhood called San Telmo where you can find a huge antique fair on weekends, artisan fair, antique stores and galleries, tango shows and cute cafes.

I’m still one more month in Paraguay, for all you are here and want to meet me for a coffee or so let me know.

Time is flying, I’m holding on the time trying to make it last and living it by the second, and it seems that my task list is growing faster than I can manage to do things…I’m doing my best to finish everything I have in mind.

I’m glad we finished filming a documentary about filigree, now we are editing it, I hope to have it finish to share it with you soon.

Buenos Aires was great, but nothing is greater to come back to Asuncion that comparing to Buenos Aires it is a smaller city with still  a town feeling …not too big, not too small…just ASUNCION!

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    Antique Fair- San Telmo                       Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)


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San Telmo Antique fair                  Selfportrait



My favorite place a bookstore, looks like a theater that became a bookstore in Buenos Aires, called Ateneo


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Perfect weather

These days were awesome, blue sky, not cold, not hot…perfect! I can wear short sleeves during the day and something warmer during the night…We are on winter spring now, 2 weeks of vacations, in this time there is the EXPO going around, that is a huge fair where there are all kind of exhibits, animals like nelore, angus, etc., new companies have their booth there promoting all kind of new and old stuff…Cellular companies have their giant booths with girls known as "promotoras" giving away flyers and sometime prices.

Ice cream, restaurants, fast food, asado places are easily found in the expo.

Huge Cars stands with amazing decorations are one of the main attractions, also embassies, foundations, universities and bookstores have their booths there, my favorite pavilion is the Artisan pavilion where they come up with amazing and original things every year, I’m surprised about the new models, the new styles and the great variety of designs, all from leather, ceramics, jewelry, aho poi fabrics, wood sculptures, iron sculptures, paintings, artisan furniture, just to mention a few.

The Expo even if it appears to be the same thing year after year is definitely a nice place to visit and to catch up with new companies, new technology and is always interesting to see how things develop through the years…

The Expo is a fun and huge place to see different things and maybe get some good business ideas or maybe get to know better some product or service. Some days they even offer music concerts and other attractions. It is kind of a folks festival with less carnival.

If you are around you should definitely check it out, I’m going tomorrow and will take a lot of pictures to share!


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Nice photos

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Palacio de Gobierno                                    Working in front of the Palacio de Gobierno

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Asuncion Downtown by night , taken from Planta Alta     Restaurant Real in Luque, I love that place

035 002

View of downtown Asuncion                                                          


 008 With my friends in Il Mangiare

 033 029 

Working with Dario to finish our Documentary script-    Palacio de Gobierno taken from Bar Casa Clari

062 037 Another view of the Palacio de Lopez

Interesting view of 2 workers on the top of the Panteon de los Heroes

 003 064

With my friend Letti                                       Permanent Artisan fair in downtown


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The dollar is falling down falling down…

Brenda send me her blog about the falling dollar and I would like to share her view too and another interesting blog as well.

So you can have a better view of the big picture of what’s going on here…(price related matter)



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No longer cheapest city

Asuncion used to be one of the cheapest city in the world, now than I’m here I’m noticing that this is not longer true or perhaps is just my perception because the dollar is so low now. Last year, this time of the year 1 dollar was around 6150gs, now is just 3800gs. Maybe is not the prices that are higher maybe is just "my" money is less worthy.

I didn’t see taxi rates rise (the are pretty much the same rates as last year, and much higher that the year before), or service rates, hiring house service is still cheap but not extremely cheap than before and it is harder to find because most people went to Spain to work as maids or other domestic work.

Eating out is starting to get expensive, lets say in a good restaurant around 40.000Gs. (10$) a plate of good filet mignon, its still a good price, a good "lomito" hamburguer costs 10.000 (2.5$) delicious not mc donalds style, real kind of big hamburgers…the amazing thing is that a small cappuccino coffee at "cafe do ponto" costs more than a huge Starbucks venti drink around 3.50$, that surprised me in a bad way coz when I went to pay for 4 SMALL cappuccinos I found out that the bill was 52.000gs, unbelievable!!!

Renting and real estate are expensive, rent is much more expensive than 2 years ago and even not really great lands or houses in the city are expensive to buy, countryside is still cheap at least for now.

Groceries are ok but not really cheap specially imported good. Clothing is very expensive, and brand name stuff unaffordable, literally unaffordable, let say 3 times more than the US, I haven’t bought anything, I brought all my stuff from the US and I’m not planning to buy anything but art , In fact many people go to Miami to buy stuff to resell in Asuncion…people with the dollar low now can afford more things and some want imported items so people take advantage of that situation to go to US and get exclusive things to resell and most people that do that are successful.

What I still find accessible is ART beautiful art, I went to an art gallery yesterday and was thrilled bye the variety and styles at convenient prices.

I don’t think that Asuncion is a cheap city anymore, there are cheap places and cheap things, good and bad quality but since most of our goods are imported things can get expensive, strangely the minimum wage is still around 1.300.000gs. and I don’t know how people manage to survive.

I don’t know if its just my impression or things are more expensive lately…please readers correct me!

I’m looking for your comments.


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