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Paraguay OIimpic Athlete Leryn Franco

I found this kind of interesting article about our cute Paraguayan Athlete Leryn Franco…It seems that she caught the attention of many…this is the first time in a long time i find a news about Paraguay in the international media…Take a look.,101791

Photos taken by Martin Crespo:


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Many good options

My time here is running out here, on Thursday I went to ABC (one of the main Paraguayan Newspapers) and I interviewed Ricardo Ulke and he inverviewed me as blogger at the same time, it was awesome, he is the director of the online version of the newspaper and has been my personal friend for a long time now, he talked about blogs in Paraguay, I interviewed him for globalvoices online and I will post the interview here too soon.

There are so many things left to do before my return, one main thing is the presentation of my documentary about filigree on the 28th we are working now on the edition part, which is one of the main parts of a documentary, one great thing about the documentary is that the Senatur now has approved it as National tourist and cultural interest…I’m also working in several different projects, I realized that there are so many wonderful things to be done in Paraguay that is amazing, its like a heaven for people with ideas…

My experience so far has been great, the only thing I really hate is the traffic and taxi prices, driving here is insane (I don’t really dare to drive anymore) people don’t respect the traffic lights specially at night, it is a chaos!! but I guess that drivers develop certain skills otherwise would be impossible to survive this chaotic traffic.

I have accomplished many things, met great people, didn’t visit so many places in the country side as I wanted but I still have some time left to do so. I still want to take more pictures before my return to the States.

While I’m here I found out really great options for things to do:

Always have this link on hand, it is about tourism in Paraguay

3 Great options

1- A Farm (La quinta) in Piribebuy (88km from Asuncion) where you can undertake many eco  activities and relax, a very good option to have a different day and enjoy the nature hanging out with family and friends, eating traditional food, sleeping in bungalows or cabanas etc. For more info visit:

2- A trip to Aregua on sundays in the last steam train that works with coal in the world, the experience is amazing, you will see traditional folkloric dance, eat traditional food and artisan fair in Aregua and twice a month there is also a play inside the train, to see more about this visit:

3- Very interesting cruise called Crucero Yrupe on the Ypacarai lake has a capacity for 150 people on board and departs from Aregua and makes a round on the Ypacarai Lake, there is lunch available for an extra fee. For more info visit:

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