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Links links links

I found some interesting links that has nothing to do with Py but can help you to improve your online experience.

First I would like to let you know that the last version of the Messenger (MSN) is available and has many great features:

There is a great site that helped me send big files that I couldn’t send by email, the “lite” version is free and allows you to send 1 file at the time not exciding 10mg I believe:

Another great site is the Skydrive that is like an online pen drive that allows you to have your files stored online and you can access them from any part of the world and even to share them with whom you want, this is a GREAT PRODUCT, when I travel around I use this ALL the time:

A fantastic experiences to build your website and worksite

Save 1000+ Office documents in one online place
Access your documents from almost anywhere
Open and save directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

for free is this one, even for business works great:

And finally…a photo site that allows you to take pictures from different angles and you can turn it using the software…another approach of photo sites, its just amazing: and


I hope you enjoy my links!!! =-)


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Looking for Rent or Real Estate in Paraguay?

I came across some websites offering houses and lands for sale and rent, maybe you can take a look of these to have an idea of how much real estate costs in Paraguay nowadays.

Unfortunately the info is mostly in Spanish, but prices are mostly in US dollars and most properties have photographs so it is worthy to take a look even if there is a language barrier.

I would suggest not to close any deal without a lawyer or some person of your trust closing the deal. It is mandatory to close the deal to register the property title with a Escribano Publico (Public Notary) is the person in charge of making the transference from the old owner to the new one, and usually the prices is a percentage of the selling price.

Here it goes:–venta–casa.html


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Some photos I took in Asuncion

All photos are taken by me between June and August 2008

Click to enlarge

  1. Paraguayan Flag  
  2. Ferrocarril de Asuncion- Train station-  
  3. Agroferia in Mariscal Lopez shopping on Tuesdays, fresh produce and more
  4. A view from Above of the Aduana on Paraguay River  
  5. Government Palace – Palacio de Gobierno also know as Palacio de Lopez
  6. A view of downtown taken from another building     
  7. Photo of a current Paraguay Map
  8. A bizarre construction a house over a building
  9. Government Palace taken from the distance 
  10. A general view of Downtown Asuncion on a rainy day.
  11. Asuncion thought a window    
  12. Fish soup at Lido Bar, the best I’ve ever had!  
  13. View of the Cathedral and Paraguay river.
  14. 15 and 16 -Once upon a time Paraguay had its own Airline, LAP Lineas Areas Paraguayas, here you see what is left from it…I got a special permit to take pictures of the cemetery of planes…I still remember that I’ve traveled in one of these planes when I was a child, these airplanes are not in the public view, they are hidden, I actually had to cross by foot a big land full of very tall weed, that was pretty scary! These photos are unique and hard to see where else.



 py1808py4008 py4708py108



py1908 py2108 py1708



   Asuncion thought a window                                                           

py1208      py1308 py1408


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Vote for Paraguay, just takes a second

A Paraguayan foundation that has been selected to get some money, so please read and watch the video about the “Escuela Agricola” and consider giving your vote to them, as a agricultural country and very fertile soil with the right equipment and education Paraguay could even start exporting their produce to neighborhood countries that would lead them to be a more competitive country and help them to become more self-sufficient in a hopefully near future.

Please Vote with confidence for Paraguay: Please click the link!!! WE REALLY NEED IT 


btw. I know this foundation, is among the more known in Paraguay.


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Living and working in Paraguay…Important!

I’m getting many emails from readers that are considering moving and working in Paraguay and there is something I would like to clear up a little bit…even though I try really hard to be objective in my appreciations sometimes I realize that sometimes I’m not, as it is normal for a local like me living abroad to sometimes let the emotional part speak a bit louder and sometimes the bad things you tend to hide a little bit, its like loving a person, you see the bad things but it seems not to bother you as it normally would, right?

I really just can talk from MY point of view, from my experiences which is:

1- I’m a Paraguayan citizen living abroad…so, you get the view of a local person with no language barriers

2- I grew up and was educated in Paraguay, a great education by the way!

3- I know where and of what be careful of

4- I may take things for granted and I’m use to a non law country

5- I know the traditions and uses of local people…like drinking terere, greeting with kisses on the cheek, siesta in country side, etc.

6- I used to deal with the “law”, as a lawyer I had to deal daily with it and I know that the line between legal and illegal is very thin and blurred, etc, etc, etc.


Well, I know things that a foreign people doesn’t know and they know and see things that I don’t know or don’t see anymore, which is not good or bad, it is just different, a different perception, even if you go like a tourist for 5 to 10 days your perception will be different than the foreign person that goes there to move, with all the challenges what moving means like renting an apartment, get a cellular phone (which is super easy by the way), get at job or open an own biz, or find a good medical insurance…see? I don’t have to go thru those things so my perception is different, even if i work with local people for my filigree jewelry I’m in another stage of communication, I’m a local hence my experience is different.

Bottom line don’t take a decision to move because of what you read in my blog, I love Paraguay, I consider life there a breeze because I already have an infrastructure…I don’t see myself going and looking for jobs there, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

So…my advice is:

  • Read as many blogs as you can (from ex pats, from locals, from Paraguayans abroad, from peace corps volunteers, from Germans living in Paraguay and from people that moved there and ask them If they regret it or not…and even blogs from tourists are very interesting to read)
  • Get as many objective info, like political, economical, criminal etc as you can.
  • Make a list of priorities for you, for ones can be education system, for other pace of life and for other life quality and sanitary system.
  • Learn Spanish, and,
  • Try to visit Paraguay before you really decide to move there.

Many of my readers asked me if how much I consider necessary to live decently in Asuncion, well here it goes…but this is just my opinion

For a 4 people family with decent house rent plus decent schools, 1 car and medical insurance, plus going out for leisure 2 a months and having a stay in maid you will need around 2000 USD. which is around 8.000.000gs.

Rent around 1.800.000gs or more for a bigger place

Food around 1.200.000gs

School for 2 children 1.400.000gs

Leisure 400.000gs.

Nanny or Maid: 600.000gs.

Clothing and stuff: 500.000gs

Medical insurance: 500.000gs.

Car insurance and gas: 500.000gs.

Savings and other expenses: 1.100.000gs.


As I always say, Paraguay is about the experience and If you go with your mind open you will just fill it with great experiences and big emotions.


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The Man and the Monkeys (translation)

The Man and the Monkeys: A Wall Street Fable
Once upon a time in a village a man appeared and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10 each.
The villagers knew that there were many monkeys in their forest. They left their farms on the plains and went into the forest to catch them. The man bought thousands at $10.
As the supply of monkeys started to diminish the villagers stopped looking. Finding and catching monkeys was soon no longer worth the effort for $10. They started to return to their farms to plant the spring crop.
The man then announced that he would buy monkeys for $20 each. This new higher price renewed the effort of the villagers and they headed back into the forest to find and catch monkeys again to sell.
When the monkey supply diminished even further that summer and the people started to return to their farms, worried they had not made enough money selling monkeys to buy all the food they needed but had not planted any crops yet either, the man raised the price he’d pay for monkeys to $25 each. The hunt was on again.
Soon the supply of monkeys became so small that a villager didn’t see a monkey in a day of hunting let alone catch one. Even at $25 each the effort was not profitable so the villagers finally headed back to their farms that fall. After nine month’s absence from their farms they knew the time had passed to produce enough food for the coming winter, but at least now they had enough money from selling monkeys to buy food to eat.
But the man wasn’t finished. He announced that he would buy monkeys for $50 each! The villagers became very excited. He also explained that he had to go to the city on business and that his assistant was to stay behind to buy monkeys on his behalf.
As soon as the man left the assistant told the villagers, "So you think you have made a lot of money selling monkeys, don’t you? But do you want to really get rich?"
"Yes, yes!" said the villagers.
The man’s assistant went on. "I have a gigantic, enormous cage filled with monkeys. I will sell them to you for only $35 each and when the man returns from the city you can sell them to him for $50 each and make a fat profit. You don’t even have to work to find monkeys at all. Then you can not only buy all the food you need for this winter you call all buy flat panel TVs, too."
The villagers were thrilled. They collected all of their savings together and bought all the monkeys in the assistant’s cage then awaited the man’s return.
They never saw the man nor his assistant again. All the monkeys that were once in the woods were now in the village. All of the villager’s savings were gone. That winter, half the villagers starved.
Moral: Substitute housing for monkeys, lenders for the man, and mortgage brokers for the man’s assistant and you get the analogy. As the winter of the US economy arrives, you still have the house you had before the price was bid up. Now that prices are falling back down, who has your savings?
But don’t worry. The government won’t let you starve. To ensure re-election it will inflate to save the banks in the process by inflation redistribute wealth from savers to debtors, and debtors to creditors.
Now you know how Wall Street works the asset bubble racket.


Original by Anonymous, improvements by metalman


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This is a perfect analogy of nowadays stock market…pity its just in spanish…anyone wants to translate? unfortunately I don’t have time to translate right now…but im sharing it anyway

Thanks Dario for sending it.


Una vez llegó al pueblo un señor, bien vestido, se instaló en el único hotel que había, y puso un aviso en la única página del periódico local, que está dispuesto a comprar cada mono que le traigan por $10.

Los campesinos, que sabían que el bosque estaba lleno de monos, salieron corriendo a cazar monos.
El hombre compró, como había prometido en el aviso, los cientos de monos que le trajeron a $10 cada uno sin chistar.

Pero, como ya quedaban muy pocos monos en el bosque, y era difícil cazarlos, los campesinos perdieron interés, entonces el hombre ofreció $20 por cada mono, y los campesinos corrieron otra vez al bosque.

Nuevamente, fueron mermando los monos, y el hombre elevó la oferta a $25, y los campesinos volvieron al bosque, cazando los pocos monos que quedaban, hasta que ya era casi imposible encontrar uno.

Llegado a este punto, el hombre ofreció $50 por cada mono, pero, como tenia negocios que atender en la ciudad, dejaría a cargo de su ayudante el negocio de la compra de monos.

Una vez que viajó el hombre a la ciudad, su ayudante se dirigió a los campesinos diciéndoles:

Fíjense en esta jaula llena de miles de monos que mi jefe compró para su colección.

Yo les ofrezco venderles a ustedes los monos por $35, y cuando el jefe regrese de la ciudad, se los venden por $50 cada uno. Los campesinos juntaron todos sus ahorros y compraron los miles de monos que había en la gran jaula, y esperaron el regreso del ‘jefe’.

Desde ese día, no volvieron a ver ni al ayudante ni al jefe. Lo único que vieron fue la jaula llena de monos que compraron con sus ahorros  de toda la vida.
Ahora sí tienen ustedes una noción bien clara de  cómo funciona el Mercado de Valores y la Bolsa.


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One Laptop per child Project arrived in Paraguay

A friend of mine is a member of Foundation that is running a project Called One Laptop Per child, and the goal to reach is that within 5 years every teacher and child gets a laptop

The project is starting in Caacupe with great success.

It is very interesting how the kids are really working with the computers, they play, they learn new instruments, they research and because the pc has even a little camera they can even register their experiments. it is opening a endless learning ways.

This video has subtitles and was filmed in Paraguay.

Take a look =)

Paraguay Educa website


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