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Paraguay Vintage Commercials

When I was growing up we had no cable and this were the kind of commercials we watched on TV…they are mid or end 80’s and 90’s (I’m not that old ;) )


Vintage compilation!


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Experienced Spanish Translator

Make Gallitelli is a great Paraguayan friend of mine that has just started her own translation online business, she offers a variety of translation and interpretation services (not only in Spanish) even website translation in Spanish that nowadays is very important for any business, please check her website out and please recommend her services if someone needs a professional translator.

Here is her website:


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Beautiful Antique Asuncion Postcards


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Paraguayan Food on the Internet

I’m so happy about this site that I just found that I want to share it with you, now you can get your favorite Paraguayan food or ingredients shipped to you, isn’t that amazing?

The site is:

There you can also find a great variety of other Latin foods, you can use the Argentinian and Brazilian ingredients for some Paraguayan foods, even when in Py we import things from neighborhood countries, so check it out. and make your selection by Country. 

They just have 18 products but those products are the ones that we most miss when we are not in Paraguay.

I was looking for a site like this for a long time and I’m very glad I found it, I’m making a Pasta Frola right now and will share the recipe with you soon, I love Pasta Frola and it’s very easy to make, I’m sure you will love it too =)

Here is the photo of the Pasta Frola in my oven =)

pasta frola


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Made in Paraguay Commercials (Part III)

All these commercials are pretty much recent, soon I will create a post with some retro Paraguayan commercials that I used to watch on TV when I was a little girls…I still remember that back then we just had 2 channels and no cable at all…so much has changed since then. I also remember when my dad bought a “huge” 20 inches color TV it was Awesome! with no remote control of course but we enjoyed it so much at the time =)


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Made in Paraguay Commercial (Part II)

Part II

Love this one

Itaupu the biggest dam in the world that we share with Brazil

I love this one!!


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Made in Paraguay Commercials (Part I)

Thanks Pedro for these great Paraguayan Ads selection! I really love all of them =)

There are many videos so I split it in 3 posts, I hope you enjoy all of them, some shows a lot about how Paraguay and how Paraguayans are, this is definitely a great and unique selection



This is my favorite one!


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“Co” “Pio” Na que ver! Paraguayan Spanish

Paraguayan Spanish is very unique because we tend to “borrow” some Guaraní words to make our Paraguayan Spanish more ours, more unique and expressive.

Today I was paying attention of the way I was chatting in Spanish, it was funny because my written Spanish was almost as my oral Spanish…I even used the Guaraní particles in my sentences.

It is not correct but is our particular way to express ourselves and give that unique touch to our language, I don’t speak Spanish, I speak Paraguayan ;)

You can spot a Paraguayan everywhere in the world if you hear some of the following words, some words have no explanation, others are just “helper particles like “na”for example makes a sentence more soft or polite, example: Pasame “na” el pan- Na here replaces the “por favor” ( please) Please Handle me the bread over, or “pio” is like emphasizing a question. Porque “pio” no hizo su tarea? Why WHY didn’t he do his homework?… and so on…

Its more a local language use that is so unique, so Paraguayan.

Here are some words I could thought of today.

Ndeeee!- Na que ver loo! –“co” –“pio”- “chore”- “dalena”- “na” – “argel” –“pireca” – “hule”- “curubica”, “Vianda” – Ndera!- “a la pucha” ,He’i, mi pelo tiene porra, (hahaha, I like that one ;) , Caigue- Marchante- Cevar, Veni na,  etc

Some are not in Guarani, and I have NO idea where they come from but we still use it and believe me, No other country understands what we are saying, for example when we say ARGEL i bet we only use that word in Paraguay, it means unfriendly.

You can add more if you want, just post your comment, I will do the same if I remember more Paraguayan words.

Espero “na” que agreguen mas palabras para el diccionario Paraguayo! :-)


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Beautiful Paraguayan Guaranias

Thanks Pedro, from Gales, to share this with us =)

A Brazilian band made a concert in honor of Paraguay playing the most beautiful Paraguayan Guaranias ever, I hope you enjoy them =)


Then I also found this video with some images of my beautiful land =)



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