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Paraguayan Rules

Thank you Ulises Gonzalez for your help!!! I really appreciate it!

If you are a Paraguayan reading this you will probably laugh, agree and try to analyze if you fall in any or many of the following classification…I definitely do.

If you are not paraguayan this list will make you understand Paraguayan people a little better and maybe get a deeper understanding about their idiosyncrasy, way of seeing things and overall o glimpse of general popular behavior.

Things are as is…don’t take any of these personally…just enjoy this list! Many of these words are in Guaraní.

LEY del Nembotavy:

People pretend to not understand what’s going on…they just ignore the subject to perhaps avoid to take any action about it…this is very typical in Paraguay;)

Ley del Mbarete- “The strongest wins”

People act showing power over other people to make them feel intimidated and to demand respect from them.

Vai Vai: Make things in a mediocre vai, but good enough to consider it done, generally in a poor manner or way.

Kaigue: When people feel lazy about doing stuff…and they pass those things for another day…

Ya Pyta Peicha: “I will call you” but people know that is just a way of speaking, no one actually meant to call, just being nice.

Koygua: A very shy person, some people from the country side that feel shy or ignorant and usually are quiet because they don’t want to show that they actually have no clue what to say or how to follow a conversation. Usually they refuse to try new things, for example: they wont eat food they don’t know.

Peicha Peichante: Is similar to vai vai but means “so so” implying that “so so” is good enough

Ndaipori: There is no agreement, negation.

Trueque: People exchange things for other things instead of buying with money, this figure is more easy to be observed in the country side, mostly between Native population, like in old times.

Oikua’a pa: A person who “knows” everything.

Pobrecito Anga: People that always generate pity.

Mondaja or Mondaha: A person that would lend something and never return it, or would directly steal…mostly people that lend things or money would know that they would never see it again.

And the most popular… la Ley del oparei: typical is to start something and leave it without finishing it… starting … Vai Vai  followed by the OPAREI total  ;)

Well, my list is over now, if you want to add something feel free to comment ;)

I’ve tried to be the most accurate possible but I’m not an expert just a good observer.

If you have experienced some of these Paraguayan behaviors and “laws”, comments are very welcome.


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My video of old Paraguayan Postcards is now on ireport and if im lucky it will be showed in CNN that would be awesome, please write nice comments ;)

Thankssssssss! Gracias!

Please click the url:


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Lugo admitted paternity

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo recently admired his paternity of Viviana Carrillos son, the child was conceived when he was still a bishop and apparently had a long time secret relationship with the mentioned young lady.

This fact awoke many controversies among politician, media and specially bloggers which are sharing their thoughts in their blogs about this unusual fact.

Rescatar in his blog makes an interesting comparison which what happened years ago in the US when President Clinton had an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewynski saying that his private life didn’t affect the country’s interests didn’t have any consequences about the lives of fellows American citizen, he also thinks that for Paraguayan the problem is solved, Lugo admitted his paternity  and will legally provide for his child.

He says that this is not a State Problem that Lugo when he was a bishop failed with ecclesiastics norms. He also thinks that Paraguay should focus on Public affairs transcendental to public live

Liam titled his post “Son of the Beast” and talks about the impact the news made on the national and international media. He makes a big emphasis that people are criticizing and have big emotional reactions about the fact that Lugo lied about his sexual life, people are talking about Lugo sexual relationships meanwhile the Country is falling apart:

There are conjectures all over from different angles and sectors, offended women, happy machists, Colorado party members ejaculating happiness and Liberal party members babbling for an impeachment, there are journalists that defends him and others that chase him as they can. People are talking about the sexual relationship of Lugo and what happens meanwhile? Nothing, same as always, the country is falling apart in pieces.

Jorge Torres Romero in his blog says that Lugo lied to the folk

Lugo defraud the folk. Has presented his self as a different kind of candidate, the candidate of change, of honesty and ethics. But at the end he is not more than a big liar. He “sold” us (well them, because I didn’t vote for him) the image of immaculate and today he lost the unique capital he had which he based his candidacy on: the credibility.

What I think:

The fact is that even thought this news was a shock and a big surprise for everybody we can not let this news shift the attention from what real matters for the country and for the Paraguayan follk


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Meeting me

Hey! Im going to be in Paraguay from June to August, Lets get together for a coffee or so

Email me if you are in Py during that time

I surely looking forward to meet with my fellow bloggers and Hillary and Maggie and Angie and a few others that I hope to meet in Asuncion!

Write me and we can go to Havanna Cafe or Medialunas calentitas

YAY!! Looking forward to hear from you soon!


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Paraguayan Tourism

Even though Paraguay is a Beautiful country,very rich in many ways and a lot to offer to any demanding tourist there is a lack of information and organization to actually get to know and access to the beauty of that small and mostly unknown country.

But slowly things are becoming to change in that sense, more and more local people are finding in Paraguay the perfect place to their trips instead of heading to neighbor countries like it was likely for years.

Planning my trip ahead by coincidence I found some really nice places that I would like to visit while I’m in Paraguay, these places are:

Laguna Blanca:

The Beauty of Paraguari:

Very nice articles with photos, on the bottom of that page you can choose to about what Paraguayan Department you want to read. There is a scrolling down option.

There are so many hidden treasures in Paraguay, I wish I had tons of time and $$ to discover and re discover my own country!

I’m sure I will have a wonderful time there and surely will be back with a lot of images to share.


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To Paraguay in June

I’m so excited about my trip in June, I got a really good deal for the air fare from Seattle to Asuncion, actually in 7 years I didn’t get such a good deal, i got it in this time traveling with continental via Houston which is a great flight. There is so much to do before my trip, all the planning and the gifts I still have to buy for family and friends.

I’m planning to visit my sponsored child in Paso Yobai and hopefully this time traveling around more the country side than just hanging out in Asuncion. There is a lot to see in Paraguay, in the future I want to plan a guided trip to the most interesting places of Paraguay and that for I need to visit these places and get really involved not only with the cultural part but also with they whole traveling system, some routes for example are not asphalted that would difficult the trip but on the other hand that would make the trip more unique ad genuine, like it is in Paraguay.

I confess and admit that I’m a city person but lately I’m starting to enjoy to live different experiences, I enjoy the uniqueness of every trip and with this attitude I’m sure I will find hidden treasures to visit in Paraguay, like Salto Chrystal, which is an amazing water falls that is not very known but it is very very beautiful for what I have seen on pictures.

I also want to visit Mbatovi the eco adventure park, which I’m sure will be a great experience.

I’m going to make a list of all the places I would like to visit this time…maybe Villarrica too, I never was there and was told it is amazing =)

Any cool suggestions for me to visit?


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Things I miss of Paraguay

Here is a list of things I really miss of Paraguay (in any order)
Chipa guazu
Empanadas, I could eat empadanadas everyday
Chipa de almidon
Cocido con leche (I found a similar version of it at Tullys, it is called yerba mate latte)
Asado with friends
Britannia Pub =)
Downtown Asuncion which I love, the view of the bay
The Cathedral
Lido Bar (fish soup, yummy)
I miss my errants walks on downtown just to observe people and things
I miss drinking terere with my friends
I miss the blue skies and the white clouds
I miss the non stop texting with my friends (thats typical in py)
I really miss the pace of life, the hora paraguaya and kindness of the people
I miss the country side trips to Aregua and San Bernardino, the Ypacarai Lake
I miss the guaranias and even cachacas when I’m far away
I miss the paraguayan accent
I also miss the splendid vegetation

Miss hanging out with my family badly

I miss being away from the pc and being in touch with people
I miss the easy connection with people
I miss the lifestyle the simplicity or most people
I just miss pretty much everything…I miss just being there and most of all I miss that I don’t have to
make a 2 weeks in advance appointment to see my friends, no plans, things just happen naturally.

oops! I notice that most of the things I miss is FOOD, oh no! will add some pounds while there…AGAIN! ;)


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