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Friendly friendly Paraguayan People

What I definitely or at least one of the things I most like about Paraguayan people is that they can be extremely friendly, specially those from the country side, giving you a big smile when you arrive at their place, or a nice ice cold shared terere under a tree…or insist you to keep eating more of the many dishes they offered you is part of their culture…they will probably offer you their bed and will move to the couch or ground just to make you feel more welcome at their home.

Paraguayan families are very united but kids have to manage to be in dependant from a very young age, they have to learn to take care of themselves…usually moms work hard to keep things going and usually in the country side they have many children and mom can do all the work, so elder siblings have to work and take care of the younger ones.

People there live community live style systems where “I watch your children when they are playing near my home…and you watch mine when they are playing near your home” that is implied and it works pretty well…most people can’t afford to have the paranoia that something will happen to their children if they go by themselves to a close by soccer field, they are pretty busy figuring out how to put bread on the table next day.

It is pretty interesting how kids become like little adults, very sharp minded very soon, they develop many skills and they become like a survivor,they can endure long hours walking with no complains when they have to walk to another town or take a bus, they help with all chores in the house, they babysit, girls start to cook at age 7 or so, and some but not all country side kids go to school.

I found a very interesting video about life in Paraguayan country side,so you can have an idea what I’m talking about, it is a documentary by Ramiro Gomez.

Part 3 available on Youtube.

Watch part I and II here. (you will notice that at school they talk a few words in guarani too)


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Another Blog

Hey…just want to let you know about my other blog that I just created for my Paraguayan filigree jewelry, I will be talking about Paraguay’s arts and artisan work among other interesting stuff I use to do…like some trips to the Paraguayan country side to discover new Paraguayan arts etc. Now that I’m going to Paraguay I will try to discover new fun handcrafts and share them with you.

Larimoon blog

  My Filigree jewelry is on 15% sale now in case you want to take a look..(trying to raise some $$ to take to Paraguay to bring more cool handmade stuff)…  and please if you have a blog or website include this link to help me promote my store. Thanks for supporting me =) I really appreciate it!!!

Larimoon Paraguayan Filigree Jewelry

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Bye bye Corruption

I’m so excited about my trip to Paraguay…I found out a very interesting thing, Continental airlines if you fly thru Brazil allows you to take to suitcases of 70 pounds each for free, but only if you fly thru Brazil…that is pretty amazing these days.

I’m making lists of the things I have to take with me (most are gifts) the only thing I’m not looking forward to is the guys at the airport asking indirectly for bribes to let me enter my suitcases.

The bad face of Paraguay is that sometimes things are handled that way, sad very sad but it is a reality, and this sad reality is the one that drives business away from Paraguay.

Paraguay is a beautiful and rich country in many ways, but things like corruption give a Paraguay a very bad name internationally speaking, from the highest politician to the most successful business man, corruption finds his way mostly in the public sector but could arise in the private sector as well.

I think the “bribes economy” is our hidden economy, no bribes no business, even sometimes if you want to do it the right way, the legal way, you find yourself in the position where they want you to be, from the moment you get down with the plane, to the moment you drive on the streets you are always subject to handle things that way…it is illegal but nowadays seems to be so common that people accept it or at least most of the people I know have bribed the police man to avoid a fine…

Uses become habits, habits with time becomes law…I hope corruption will find his way out of Paraguay once people get more educated.

The mentality of corrupt people is that they want to outsmart the system without realizing that they are actually  damaging their own interest, their own future.

Paraguay is still a promising land for mostly everything, it has a lot of room to grow, I’m sure that once we figure it out how to avoid the corruption there is no limit for success…only the sky is the limit


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El Paraguayo

My friend just sent me this email about how Paraguayans are, it is so funny…unfortunately is just in Spanish and very hard to translate…the ones of you that live in Paraguay will have a blast reading it.

I think I posted something similar last year, but it’s still nice to share in case you haven’t read it yet.


No estudia, aprende de memoria;
no usa pastas dentales, usa ‘kolino’;
no se disgusta, se quebranta;
no se pelea, se moketea;
no es fuerte, es mbarete;
no tiene olor en los pies, tiene pyne;
no patea la pelota, chuta…
El Paraguayo: no amanece desganado, tiene pire-vai­;
no viste zapatos deportivos, usa champion;
no juega futbol, juega partido;
no juega a las bolitas, juega balita;
no usa calzoncillos, usa anatomico;
no come mostaza, come ‘savora’;
no tiene apetito, tiene un vare’a cañon…
El Paraguayo: no bebe con los amigos, sino que chupa con los perros;
no tiene novia, tiene pendeja;
el no miente, el bolea;
no protesta, se plaguea;
a alguna afirmación no dice ‘no es cierto’, dice ‘mbore…’
y si se enfurece te responde ‘te rehona ejapi…. tunare’
no come churrasco, come un asadacho;
no despide olor por las axilas, tiene kati;
el no tiene mejor amigo, tiene un super kuate chera’a;
no tiene compinches, tiene socios…
El Paraguayo: no se burla de nadie, le farrea nomas;
no va al cine, se va en el cine;
no fuma marlboro 10, fuma malborito;
no dice si, dice heee…
El Paraguayo: no es tramposo, es trampero;
no hace escapadas furtivas, entra de yakare;
no es un colado, entra de pirata;
no va en direccion descendente, el bajea;
y para subir dice via arribar;
no esta de novio, esta festejando;
no es mentiroso, es boletero;
no es inteligente, es letrado;
no es mujeriego, es re-picholo…
VERDAD QUE SOMOS UNICOS..!!! me encanta ser Paraguayo.. por que el Paraguayo es el unico que puede ser diferenciado entre: tavy, tavyron, ñembotavy…y tavyrai…… y por ultimo hagan tocorre…!!!
Porque el Paraguayito no pasa informacion…
hace tokorre…!


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Paraguayan Independency day

On May 15th we celebrate our Independence from Spain, Paraguay became Independent in 1811…and that day is a holiday in Paraguay, all stores or most are close to celebrate this big day.

Here in Seattle we celebrate it with a big party where we invite our Paraguayan fellows and their spouses and friends too.

This year our celebration took place at a Paraguayan friends house in Seattle, he had a great day, we ate traditional food, Asado, Sopa Paraguaya, which was excellent by the way!

I made Fugazza, (have to teach you how to make it), it is veryyy good, and I also made Flan that’s my specialty, it was gone in no time, and we had many other nice dishes.

The greatest part of the whole day event was a quiz about Paraguay that my friend Make prepared…we took the tests in groups and I was surprised how poorly we all did =(  but we had fun and now I have learned something more about my own country…besides the fact that I have to refresh things that I have studied in School.

The winner groups took many traditional gifts home donated by some really nice handmade mate sets and some other artistry.

I really love our group of friends and we try to see each other as often as we can, unfortunately many of us don’t live very close but we surely find an excuse to get together for dinners and parties or just hang around for a nice conversation.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Reunion de paraguayos en lo de make 088096 121


099  115


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Please vote for Paraguay short Film

This Paraguayan short film is a finalist in Canada Festival…what can I say! It is just excellent

Please vote for it! It is short and well done

Here is the link:

Thanks for your cooperation, please send it to your friends to vote for it too =)


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Sending Gifts to Paraguay…

On may 15th is mothers day in Paraguay, while I was trying to find the perfect gift for my mom that lives in Asuncion I came across 3 interesting websites that are dedicated to give families of Paraguayans that live abroad the opportunity to send their family that still lives in Paraguay different kind of gifts, from flowers, to gift baskets to more relevant gifts.

If you have someone in Paraguay you really care about and want to send something special you should definitely check these sites out, I find the perfect gift for my mom and the best thing is that they do accept different type of payments, from credit cards to western union.

Some sites even take picture of film the moment the person gets the gifts, you can see the videos on their websites, some people get really surprised when they see the gifts…you can even hire Mariachis through some of these sites.

I really like the prices and options on the first one:

And the second one has great choices:

The third one has general stuff and really nice roses.

And for flowers I always use this site (I think the prices are pretty fair)

I hope you enjoy these findings as I did =)

And I hope my mom likes the cute breakfast basket I picked for her…I hope she wont read this posting!!!


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