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Xtreme Adventure in Paraguay

Yesterday while having dinner a friend told me about this place, he really enjoyed it…maybe next time you are in Paraguay you can enjoy one of the Xtreme Adventures? You can stay overnight or just spend the day!




RapelCiclismo AventuraBuceo


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My first week in Paraguay

My first week was great, the weather was less great…we had some rain, some clouds…some COLD but most of the time we had sunny days…after 7 years in Seattle I now realize how much I miss the sun, I like the blue sky and cotton white clouds.

This week I discovered so many new places in Asuncion, I haven’t visited all yet, but went to 2 new places, one is a fine wine restaurant very cozy and expensive one the name is UVA Terra, 2 blocks from San Martin and half block from Mariscal Lopez, the ambience is really nice if you are in a couple, but i wouldn’t recommend that place if you are in a group of friends, too dark, too romantic, too expensive.

Another place is La Teterita on Santisimo Sacramento in front of the abandoned mansion of Fredy Stroessner the place is cozy, also dark with different kind of lights and bizarre decoration, nice sofas and ok music, it seems to be an old house transformed in a bar pub…

I also saw many friends, started my new collecting,  hired an assistant and even rented a place as an office for my Paraguayan jewelry store and I even went to the dentist. Everything in 1 week!

I started to take pictures of the foods I eat and what my friends eat, I’m posting it in if you are not a member already I would suggest you to do so because I’m posting nice pictures and different posts than here, check it out.

I will be going to interesting places just to blog about them so while I discover them you will also discover what’s new in Asuncion.


011 012 008


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After a longggggg 32 hour trip with 3 connections and 1 endless one in Sao Paulo, I can finally say that I’m here…yes, here in Paraguay! where time seems to has stopped, where people look the same, a bit older perhaps and where buildings, streets and sights looks exactly the same as the did a year ago and the year before.

Asuncion is a place that wherever you walk to, you can still feel the air of a neighborhood and find an old pawn house with very old forgotten stuff for sale,  and around 3 beauty salons on the same street

It is also a place where you certainly fear for your life every time you cross the streets but that fear fades away shortly when you become more confident calculating what that guy in that small motorcycle is about to do and what the other crazy guy in that little white rudimentary truck is planning to do (if he has a plan at all). Crossing a street in Asuncion is like playing a guessing game, or you get good at it, or you don’t live to tell…fortunately most get good at it and are careful or skillful (or both) to cross the streets. So be careful while crossing streets here.

Today was my first walk around my neighborhood (Barrio Herrera) it was a nice and sunny day (sadly it gets dark very early this time of year), I had the impression that I never left Asuncion,…I was home, it was a fun stroll, I just observed the places, the broken asphalt of the streets, the trees on the side walks, it felt like a town inside a city, a place where you can do your nails around the corner, still talk and know your neighbors and even know the name of the woman of the convenience store.

Asuncion is not perfect and perhaps not beautiful but its charming on its own way and now that I’m here I remember what draws me so much to Asuncion…

It is not what you see…its what you feel

Paraguay….tenes que sentirlo!


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join join join!

I’m a Paraguay fan, are you?


Visit Paraguay Fans


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Next step

For a long time I was thinking about how to make local people from Paraguay meet Paraguay fans from around the world

This idea was always on my mind, because there are so many things to exchange…tips, photos, video, experiences while in Paraguay or…maybe even share the thought of retiring there some day.

I think the internet is a great tool to get to know new people, make new friends and share thoughts, opinions and maybe a coffee together.

So I created this place and invited local people (my friends for now) to join it:

Please spread the word and join the network.

This is not only to make friends, this is also going to be very useful as a Portal for goods and services and specially to find reliable and trustable people that is willing to share every kind of experiences and give you tips of what to do, what not to do and where NOT to go while in Paraguay, maybe you end up with some great friends!

ahh another thing is that most of my friends are professionals and can give you advices where to find good lawyers, good real estate agents, good restaurants, great hotels, best places to visit, also it is great to know a local people before you travel, I wish I had a page like this before i went to china, would have been great to share with locals what they do…and see a place not with tourist eyes.

Do what local people do, eat where local people eat and buy where locals buy…that would be the true Paraguayan experience.

Lets grow this network together, I promise i will bring nice stuff from arts to culture and even legal information, like how to immigrate, how to adopt and to buy real estate for example (as a Paraguayan lawyer believe me, I know my way around ;) ) Saludos!

And who knows…you might even find a great Spanish teacher!


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7 women per man? Truth or myth?

After the Triple Alianza war or Triple Alliance war also known as the Paraguayan war (1864-1870) Paraguay was ruined, just 10% of men left, some of them where just kids and the other seniors…almost all men died in that cruel war.

Since there were no many men left and Paraguay had to rebuild its population, women (wives, mothers, and sisters) gave a lot of importance to the males in their family, even nowadays it is common a sister serving her brother or you hearing the mom asking her daughter to put the table and serve food to her brother, that is a Paraguayan build in culture, after war “civilization” .

That situation even “allowed” man to have more than one woman and after then a whole new culture of single mothers was born. Of course? Paraguay had to rebuild the country and its population, no many men left…what to do? Share!

For almost biological reasons that was to way to go, and everybody was so happy when they had a male child, boys were very cherished and respected and that gave them “powers” to think that they could do what they wanted, even have zillions of kids out of the wedlock.

Nowadays you can observe a more even population…but some of my girl friends are still single, they say they can find a man, they say there is no MAN…girls get every day more beautiful, they go to the gym, they go on special diets, they workout and wear fancy cloths, they even get hair extensions to beat the odds and get married, some even accept to be the “other” just to get a chance to fight and get a stolen man to herself…that is more common than one could think.

On the other hand, many still complain that there is no woman, that its so difficult to find a woman, they even say that the statistics are pretty even now, there is one man per woman (which i disagree) maybe there is a man per woman but not in the same or similar age range, what’s the case of having a whole generation of 30+ woman with a big population of male infants?

In any case, woman complain they can’t find a man, man are secretly happy to have pretty much the girl they want…nevertheless, when it comes to my theory, there is still some guy out there saying: “someone is out there having fun with 14 girls, with his 7 and my 7”.

Truth or myth?


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Paraguay Vacation Rental

I just created a vacation rental site for my mom, she is very happy with the rental and she is renting it out very well, so if you are planning a vacation to Paraguay check this out:

I’m obviously not a web designer but I got creative and created her site on Google sites for free. =)

Here are some pictures of her Rental in Asuncion.

Paraguay Rentals2  Vacation rentals5


Paraguay Rentals1 Paraguay Rentals3


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