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Ciudad del Este – Paraguay

Since I have family in Ciudad del Este I went there last weekend, we took the route 2 or Ruta 2 that connects Asuncion with Ciudad del Este, it took around 4 hours and a half to get there, the way is pretty dangerous and on the way I saw all kind of things like people with babies and small children in motorcycles without helmets, teens jaywalking and crossing the route, small booths on the side of the streets selling all kinds of fruits and other small items.

I honestly hate the route, there is absolute not respect for the other drivers, its a no law route, you have to guess what the other driver is going to do, and if you are lucky enough the driver coming from the other direction wont enter your lane. Take the bus if you have to go to Ciudad del Este, don’t drive unless you are used to and know the way you should drive around here.

The last time I was in Ciudad del Este was years ago, and now I remember why I don’t visit it every year. It is a small growing city that most of its income comes from goods sold to the Brazilians, in Ciudad del Este you can find all kind of goods, huge malls with all kinds of stuff you can ever imagine, from original to counterfeit…from delicatessen to car accessories, from perfumes to laptops parts…everything you can possible imagine, you can find there. But always be careful there are many things of poor very poor quality, like for example: I bought a 32 gig pen drive that cost 40$ and lasted 24hours, it literally felt apart…there is no guarantees…you but knowing that I wont last, unless you shop in certain shopping that you know you will get an original quality at a higher price than the competence.

The stores in Ciudad del ESte open at 6 am and close very early at 3 pm and 4 pm in some places, it is a place where you go to shop, the stores never end, when you think you have done shopping then you see more and more and more malls full of stuff, it is endless.

For Perfumes I would recommend Monalisa, for Cellular phone in Jebai Center, for electronics and computers Lai Lai center, for computers Nave informatica and Compubras in Vendome Shopping.

To eat there is a fast food place on the 3rd floor of Shopping Americana at reasonable prices, Monalisa also has a caffe bar on the top level at New York City prices.

At the end I found better deals in Asuncion, since ciudad del Este makes more of its profit from Brazilians because things in Brazil are currently more expensive they still find it affordable to buy from Ciudad del Este, but for us that live in Paraguay I honestly find prices higher there then in Asuncion.

If you go to Ciudad del este, check Iguazu Falls out, and don’t forget to check out the Duty free zone (ZONA FRANCA) between Brazil and Argentina, check visa requirements to visit Brazil and Argentina if you are not living in the Mercosur area.

I went to 3 countries in less than 3 hours, it was amazing to visit Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina in the same day! That alone made the trip worthy!!!

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My interview in ABC newspaper

Last Sunday I got an interview printed in the main newspaper in Paraguay ABC, in which i talk about my work as a jewelry designer and also about this blog and the community I’ve recently created.

It was a fun experience to share in an interview the things I’ve been doing lately to promote Paraguay, its artistry and the country per se.

Since you are big part of my life I wanted to share it with you

Online Version is here:ón/

Scan of the Printed version:

Muna Annahas interview


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A new place in Asuncion – Le club Francoise

Le club Francoise of French club is a new place in Asuncion, Never been there yet, but heard that it is a fantastic place for coffee, poetry, books, exhibits and drinks, it really looks amazing and my friends love this place. I found this article and want to share it with you…I’m looking forward to have a coffee there soon! Will let you know if its really amazing as they say it is…I truly hope so =)

club frances


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Asuncion photos taken with Cell phone

Great photographer Jorge Saenz did an awesome job putting pictures together he took with his cell phone!



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Parque de la Salud- Health Park

I made a fantastic discovery days ago, a friend took me to walk at the Parque de la Salud, also known as IPS park, because I assume it belongs to IPS. It on the way to Central Bank (Banco Central del Paraguay).

The park is fantastic, it has 2 gates, first you enter with your car and park there then you have to show your ID and they register you at the entrance and also show your ID when you leave.

It is a close park where you can walk, run or bike, each lap is of 800meters, the circuit is surrounded by nature and vegetation all around, each tree has a sign with the name on it…there are quotes of optimism and health written on signs all around the park which you can read and meditate while walking or running.

It also has a colorful playground area to take the kids which is amazing!

My first time I made 3 laps…I hope to go to 5 today!

What I most love about that park is that it is a secure area, very well illuminated and open from very early, i believe from 5 ot 6 am to 10pm.

There are no more excuses to not get in shape, with a park like this, its a joy to walk to a healthier life style.

parque de la salud parque de la salud2


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