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Discovering Paraguay’s “wild” side

I just found a really nice website of a German Gentelman that has been living in Paraguay for the last 19 years, he has a farm 16 km from Concepcion, that is is a traditional fully functional farm which also doubles as the perfect place for interested travellers, bird watchers and students to stay and explore some of the best and wildest wildlife available in South America.
El Roble (the name of his farm) has very comfortable accommodation and excellent traditional Paraguayan and German cuisine. Almost all ingredients are sourced from the farm. If you would prefer to source your own, there are excellent fishing opportunities nearby, and if you would like to strike out from the farm we provide some adventure activities.
I’ve never been in a eco farm in Paraguay but will love to.
Peter has his own website now: check it out, you will find awesome photos and information about what to do and discover the “wild and adventurous” side of Paraguay.
he also has a blog:
If you happened to go please send your photos and I will upload them here =)


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Living on a Budget (tips)

When I was in Paraguay in june I went out with my friend for groceries shopping and I was really surprised to discover a place like Costo or Sam’s club where you actually can buy things in bulk at very affordable prices, it is not far from Asuncion, it is in Luque, the name of the place is San Cayetano, also known as Sancaye, it is close to Luisito and to Luques’s cemetery.

Prices are much more convenient than regular stores and they also have a wholesale section where you can give them the list and if you buy more than 4 articles of the same item they give you a wholesale price on the item, there you will find from wines to beef and everything in between, they also sell shampoo and diapers at very convenient prices, and also they have a good fresh produce selection.

The cons of buying there is that is always too full of people, we stood in line for at least 45 minutes but it was worthy because my friend told me she just goes there 1 a months and fills her freezer and storage of stuff and she saves a lot of money.

Also very close to there you can find some bakeries where you can buy any kind of pastries and bread and also “galleta” in a 5 kilos bag, my friends always buys the big bag and gives galletas to her friends in smaller bags and the rest she just freezes.

Galleta is a kind of bread that is harder than usual and it is very popular in Paraguay.

I would definitely check it out if i live in Asuncion, because regular groceries stores can get very expensive this days.


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Dating in Paraguay

I’ve noticed that even in Paraguay dating seems much harder than before, and I don’t know why in the entired world now dating or even meeting people in real life is so much difficult, modern times, perhaps?
I don’t know the answer for so many dating questions but I do know where paraguayans meet people online, I just found out about this dating website that seems to work, well at least for a couple of friends I have.
So, If you want to date in Paraguay, you should definetly check out this site :
and also another international latin website called: which connects people from other latin american countries.
For better of for worse, something must work to find the perfect date.


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Moving to Paraguay

Lately I’m getting a lot of emails from people wanting to move to Paraguay…people ask me a lot of interesting questions…and you get to know people better not by the answer they give but by the questions they make…

Here I will list the popular questions.

Cost of living?-Health/ medical care/ Quality/ insurance?-Schools? -Housing?-Best neighborhoods?-Moving around? Getting things done…level of easiness-Language?-How will people be accepted by locals? etc etc etc.

There are so many questions with no answer and so many answers with no questions…as every big decision it is a private decision where just the person involved in it can really know what feels better…I could and can answer most of the questions but…I would always suggest before moving to a country visit it first, have the feeling and specially stay with a local family or a vacation rental in a local house rather than a hotel, be with locals, deal with locals, shop and dine where locals do.

As a tourist you want to experiment different things, since you have just a short time you have to visit the landmarks and maybe party a bit and that is pretty much it…because it would be probably be the first and last one you visit Paraguay….but the thing is different if you consider to live there.

Here I will answer very briefly some of the questions above:

Cost of living for a family of 4 around 2000$ with a decent level, includes housing, decent private school, food, insurance some entertainment and gas.

Medical quality is good to excellent depending on where to go and what do you go in for, I had a good experience in that matter, Great and modern installations, great even for plastic surgery, I would recommend you go there instead of paying thousands of dollars here in the US, I always go to the dentist there and save thousands! If you consider to go for medical reasons contact me, I know my way around. Everything is a fraction of a price than here. At the embassy you can get a list of the best doctors and dentists in town.

Rent is around 500$for a nice small house in a decent neighborhood. (prices are getting up depending on the neighborhood)

Best private schools: American School, Christian Academy, San Ignacio de Loyola, Lumen, Goethe Schule, Dante Alighieri, Aleman Concordia, Cristo Rey, Las Teresas, Santa Clara, Las Almenas, San Patricio, Inter, La Providencia, Colegio de la Asuncion, Grace, Colegio del Sol, Sek just to mention a few.

Would strongly recommend to learn at least basic spanish!…

Well to keep it short for now…if you are tired of the rat race of other countries…Paraguay is a place you would seriously consider to move to.

Part II of this post coming soon…


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