Who pays?!

After spending almost 5 years here in the USA I have adquire some new habits and forgot some old ones which is normal with the passing of time…

I recall that the last time I went to Paraguay on vacation I was invited by a friend to a local pub (Britannia pub), he ordered a bunch of stuff (most of it we didn’t even eat) and some drinks, even though it was not expensive considering the amount of food he ordered I offered share the check with him.

He gave me a strange look, he was almost offended by my offer, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my offer to split the check, then he said to me: We are not in the United States…then it all made sense to me, I remember that in the latin culture, men invite, even though if the actually don’t invite you they pretty much always pay the check for the ladies anyway.

Nowadays I could observe a little change of the situation, sometimes big parties split the bills but usually the men pay for the ladies in the party.

When I’m in Paraguay I let my friends pay for me (it’s a cultural thing)  but I often make sure and insist to treat them and I’m so glad when they happily accept my invitation =-)


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  1. Gustavo Says:

    I’m always glad to see some web space devoted to paraguay. My family is from paraguay, though I’ve mostly grown up in the U.S. I am going to move their in July, most likely for a year, to complete my dissertation research. A musician friend of mine is making the move with me, hoping to learn Spanish and bust into the local music scene. It’s strange, I’ve spent so much time there, but preparing to move their for an extended period of time is totally different. I suddenly find myself wondering about banks, and jobs (for my friend), and making friends my own age. And there really is very little information on the web about paraguay. So I’m glad you are posting.

  2. muna Says:

    Hi Gustavo, Wow, that is a great move! I’m sure you will have a great time in Paraguay. Where are you staying there?
    People are super friendly you will not have much problems to find friends your age.
    I’ll be there in july so feel free to contact me anytime

  3. jessy Says:

    Thanks! I am doing a history proect on paraguay and this website really helped me.

  4. muna Says:

    I’m glad you find my blog helpful, if you have any more questions please contact me! Im super happy that your project is about Paraguay…and I hope you can share it with us when you are done with it =) Thanks for your comment!

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