Jumping winters

I arrived to Paraguay less than 2 weeks ago, recently I have learned that I have to fly back to Seattle asap due personal issues…that means that instead of staying 2 and a half months I will hardly stay 1 month.

This last week I tried to changed my return schedule, and I realized that apparently simple things can become so annoying in Paraguay, I contacted continental here in Asuncion and in the US…no body knew how to help me, call after call finally after a long week of bothering every possible person I finally got my tickets changed, simple tasks are simple but NOT here. Sometimes I feel so far away from the world.

So, since I’m coming back earlier, I won’t be able to do all what I wanted. I will try to take some pictures and maybe visit 1 or 2 country side towns (if time allows).

On the top of everything this unusual cold is freezing my neurons…It is even hard to think when is this cold…yikes!! It’s been years now that I go from one winter to another…I visit Paraguay in winter and go back when in Seattle is winter…my luck! =(

The good thing is that I was not wrong about my expectations, feelings and friendships.

And I’m so glad to be here and at least hopefully still be here for my brother’s wedding.

Ahh, by the way today I became my brother’s fairy god mother (madrina) we went to Recoleta church which is one of the main churches of Asuncion…It was a nice and cold afternoon.


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  1. gustavo Says:

    I’m sad you went back to Seattle so quickly, I would have liked to meet up in Paraguay!

  2. muna Says:

    Yes, me too =(
    How do you like Paraguay so far?

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