Finally today I went downtown Asuncion to take some pictures…Downtown on Sunday’s is literally a ghost town, no kidding!…It was a little creepy, I was not scared, well, maybe a little bit because I heard that some people got their cameras stolen on Sundays.

I never saw a city center so empty as a sunday, downtown is the older part of the city, the historical part (my favorite part). The new part is near Villa Morra, where all the shoppings are, and tons of new stores, bars, restaurants and pubs are build daily.

The new and modern part of the city shows luxury and beauty, perfection and harmony…it is too artificial for my taste, feels like replicas, they look like very man made for an specific purpose to reach the senses in an almost superficial way.

In Asuncion we have Mc. Donald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, tons of Argentinean brands like Bonafide, Cafe Havanna and Freddo…ah, we also have Hooters here. The contrast between “new” Asuncion and “old” Asuncion is everyday more evident, one part is full of life day and night, the other empty, lonely and in decadence.

Manzana “T “and the Galleria, among others (the modern part of the city) known for the variety of restaurants, stores, pubs and bars…people usually go there well dressed and with a sophisticated air (unlike me).

Today I took some pictures of my ghost city, of that place that sadly is falling apart, of the part that saw the Independence day and that has seen our presidents making one mistake after the other…

Today I took pictures and I realized AGAIN that I’m never so happy as I’ am when I hold a camera in my hands and make an image last forever.

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