Today is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week.

Paraguayan are certainly among the more laid back people I have come across with…its not good or bad, it is just the way it is.

Paraguay is one of the few places I know where the time is never the time…the day is never the day, maybe even next day could be not the day. If someone promise that your order will be ready on Monday, expect it by Thursday (if you are lucky)

In Paraguay when someone tells you ”I’ll call you” or see you tomorrow doesn’t actually literally  mean it but it’s not a lie either, it is just the way it is, it is a ice breaker sentence, or a good bye sentence, it is a way to show the wish to keep in contact, or it’s a way to make the conversation short and leave if for another day.

Even if you have made an appointment in advance, make sure you call at least on day earlier  to “confirm it”, most people expect a certain confirmation call to really mentally set the appointment and actually make it happen.

Even in big companies, they set a time and never show up in time and you are lucky if they even show up at all…most show up the next day, some with some lame excuse, others doesn’t even bother to make up an excuse.

Thanks God I see an improvement, It used to be a lot worse, but it still has a lot to improve. People are used to this system already…and I’m not sure if that bothers people or “time” is just a reference point.

In Paraguay the time is never the time, and if someone tells you : I’ll call you tomorrow” don’t take it literally, after all beyond culture just one other thing rules: the rule of 0 (cero) Stress


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