Meeting Marie and Bettina

Today was a great day, I met 2 great people.

Marie contacted me thru my blog months ago, she was interested in helping a foundation I blogged about, she is a professor in Kentucky…and ironically we met in Paraguay, not in the US where both of us live. Marie is bright, she speaks perfectly spanish and has a great sense of humor, which I love.

Bettina is also a lovely person, she works for FE y ALEGRIA and know Marie for at least 4 years. Both are involved in the foundation. They are doing a great job and trying to come up with some ideas which can help even more our people

We meet for lunch at Bar San Roque  which is a very traditional restaurant where artists, writers and poets use to meet, it is around 100 years old and has a lot of stories to tell…the ambiance is great and the food is awesome.

These to ladies are certainly great people and very talented…we couldn’t stop talking and I felt so comfortable, it was like I always knew them, it was like family, it was awesome!

We are planing to go to Yaguaron together where Bettina’s parents live, her mother is a very talented person who makes all kind of traditional fabrics, Ao poi, Nanduti, encaje yu, etc.

I’m really looking forward to go on a trip with them, I will be so much fun.

After lunch I wandered around and saw a very sad situation, in on of the main public parks in downtown Asuncion…Native people are camping in black plastic tents for over a month now, they are requesting to the government help to plant, seeds, machines, all what they need for their agriculture…maybe even lands. The government seems to ignore them and it is sad that this situation went that far and it appears that no body is caring about anything.

It was really impressive to see people waiting in line to get some bread that a non was distributing to kids and women. 

This is the last year of the current government and I suppose that this situation is not among the priorities.

And what most saddens me is the impotency to do something about it…maybe that’s why I blog and take pictures, maybe this is my way to do something probably not enough.

I think that even worse than this and other similar situation is to become insensitive to them, when that occurs we lose our title of human beings and become part of a kingdom where selfishness reigns.



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  1. Palle Says:

    Hi Muna,

    I have lost your email adress so I write via your blog. I just want to tell you that Magnus has gotten a very sweet and loving family in Asuncion which both speak english and of course spanish. They have 3 children and are looking forward to see Magnus in august. e have already been mailing with them and gotten a lot of answers on some of our questions. It looks like that he is going to have a great year in Paraguay. So for now I just want to thank you for the help you have given me so far. If I need your help again I will not hesitate to wrtie you. If you ever get a chance to come to Denmark, please let me know. In our house there is always room for people which needs a place to stay and of course we also would like to meet you.
    For now, enjoy the rest of your stay even though it seems that you have had to shorten it.
    All the best from Denmark!


  2. edgar Says:

    I love the way you write. Please keep writing about mi querido Paraguay. En Paraguay hace frio y aqui en California nos derretimos del calor. I wish I were in Restaurant San Roque eatting chipa guazu with a delicious empanada and meeting Bettina and Merie as well!!!!

  3. Muna Says:

    Hi Edgar, thanks for your comment!
    That is true, nothing better than a nice meeting with great people at Bar San Roque.
    Maybe one day we can have a chipa guazu there =)

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