A fun meeting

I have meet the Edwards family before in Seattle area, they contact me thru my blog and we met in person.

My friends use to make fun of me because I spend so much time and effort writing about Paraguay and taking pictures to post in this blog and they think that is not worthy…I definitely can proof them wrong.

I have meil capot the Edwards family in Asuncion again yesterday, they just arrived in Asuncion around 1 week ago…coincidently they live around 6 blocks from my current house in Asuncion, exact same neighborhood .

They showed me their home and then we went to a nice restaurant called Il Capo. I introduced them to 2 dear friends of mine, the beautiful Maureen and Javier (one of the best photographers in Paraguay, no kidding) and we had wine and a great conversation, they are open minded and smart people.

We had a really nice evening and I was glad to learn that they like Asuncion better than expected.

Thru this blog I have meet incredible people, I’m so happy that I keep doing this because I have so much fun, writing, posting pictures, meeting people by email, receiving comments and meeting people in person.

I definitely making so many new and interesting friends…and for me life is about the human factor, relationships and a good chat.

Welcome to Paraguay Mike, Jing and Alex, I wish you have a great great stay in Paraguay.


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  1. Jungle Mom Says:

    I had misplaced your URL. We are going to Asuncion in November. Cant wait. My grand daughter is due to be born any day and she will be Paragauyan. So cool!!!

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