Aregua Atyra and Altos – Paraguay Country side

 aregua Two Argentinean photographers and 3 other friends were visiting Paraguay for the last 3 days, they wanted to go for a trip day in the side country, we took them there…I was also very happy because since I’m here (1 month ago) this was my first field trip.

We left Asuncion around 10am and we first Arrived in Aregua, know by it’s Church, its strawberries and its pottery art…I bought 3 ceramic plates and took lots of pictures.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, people were seated on the side walk drinking terere, going to church, or just sitting around without doing anything…It is very different to Asuncion, people are more laid back and literally doing anything, I told my friends: I love the way this guys enjoy a sunday, so calm and relaxed…they one said: Today is not sunday, today is TUESDAY!!!!…I think in the country side everyday is like sunday…and I don’t know what this guys do for living, I didn’t see them work or starve.

Then we drove to Altos which is a city that is on a hill, from there you can see the whole Ypacarai lake, it has also a nice church and a great traditidional place to eat where I have been before, Called Comedor Na Neca, I had a bife a caballo, we toured a little bit around the town and drove to Atyra, the cleanest town of Paraguay.

This was my first time in Atyra, what a cute little town!! Very clean indeed, but everything seems so empty in all these little towns.

I was impressed by the way all was so clean, people we so calm and respectful, we even left the car with our photography equipment unlocked but no body attempted to touch…there I felt very safe in all senses.

We then went to a very nice and big hotel called Casa del Monte in Atyra to have coffee, the view was awesome, it is a very beautiful hotel maybe run by some foreigner…I has a great pool and a fantastic scenic view…

Far from the dirt and pollution from the city…Paraguay is much more than you see in some postcards.

Paraguay has an unique spirit where natural beauty reigns and where we all become grateful slaves of this unimaginable peace.


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altos church  altos ropasaregua2atyra Atyra1


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  1. Jungle mom Says:

    Your fotos of Paraguay make me anxious to live there.

  2. Henrik Says:

    I must add that Atyra is maybe la ciudad mas tranquilo in South-America, at least thoose that I’ve been to.

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