Filigree Larimar, my jewelry project

larimar conjunto Filigree Larimar Jewelry, where 2 Latin American countries come together. This is not jewelry, this is art.

One thing that I wanted to do in Paraguay was to create my Silver Filigree and Larimar Collection that I have previously designed.

We I arrived I had no idea who to hire to help me with my project, but that was one of my priorities in this trip and I’m glad I started early since my trip has been cut short at least I will be taking home a great jewelry collection.

To finally have these pieces of art come true in the material world I started to design them at the end of last year and was working on improving my designs during the first semester of this year.

The hard part was to buy the Larimar stones, these stones only exists in 1 square kilometer in the Dominican Republic and besides its beauty it has many spiritual and physical properties, it is a rare and hard to find stone…I was lucky and found a person who sent them to me with a very ordinary setting.

I brought the stones with me and a friend recommended me a jeweler from Luque, I showed him my notebook and we started our project my first week in Paraguay.

Most of my models are made of Silver Filigree and old technique that consists in very thin Sterling silver threads twisted together making wonderful pieces of art, this is the first time ever that Larimar and Filigree are combined in this way and I’m absolutely glad about the results.

I hope I can keep enlarging my jewelry collection because this pieces are exclusive and I’m very happy with this personal project and hope It will also be liked by my clients.

One filigree piece can involve 36 hours of handwork. All my pieces are handmade by very fine and skilled artisans.

I hope you like my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them =-)


Larimar2 Larimar aros Larimar ring larimar bracelet


7 Responses to “Filigree Larimar, my jewelry project”

  1. Jungle mom Says:

    How beautiful Muna! My daughter actually lives in Luque. I bought some silver jewelry there on my visit 4 years ago. I will be visiting in November. Is there a way to find out the cost and to order your jewelry?

  2. muna Says:

    Im so glad you liked them! I hope you enjoy your trip in November, I wish I could stay more but I’m going back to Seattle next week…at least I went to Luque! What a cute city is that!
    I didn’t calculate a price for the jewelry yet, as soon as I figure it out I will let you know! Thanks for your interest in my jewelry =)

  3. Jungle mom Says:

    My grand daughter was just born a few minutes ago. She was born in Luque and so I now have a Paraguaya nieta!!
    I don’t know why, but I wanted to tell you!! LOL!!

  4. muna Says:

    WOW!! Congratulations!! A paraguaya in the family, isn’t that great? Something for the books =)
    And I’m so glad you told me, that makes me really happy! What’s your nietas name?

  5. Jungle mom Says:

    se llama Abigail Faith McCobb. Hay fotos en mi blog.

  6. Rebecca Says:

    I’m in LOVE with the silver filigree laramar bracelet (first photo on this page) you created!~ How much for it? I’ve looked at tons of jewelry and this is the only piece I fell in LOVE with!

  7. Alia Says:


    Your silver filigree larimar set is a dream…such beautiful combination and so delicate.

    I would love to buy it, how much?

    I live in London.



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