What to visit in Paraguay

I’m a very well traveler, since I was a little girl I use to travel and I love it, usually I can be very objective about judging a place for its beauty, its history, its people, its location and its attractions but when it comes to Paraguay I really cant be objective, no matter how much I try, I tend to judge with my heart more than with blind objectiveness …I find Paraguay extremely attractive and i dont think that way since I’ve moved, I always thought that…..Paraguay has an unique personality and beauty, even in its apparent decadence it says a lot about what the population is going thru…since im going to visit Paraguay soon I would like to share a like of must see places, among others are among the MUST see while in Py.

Here it goes.

1- Asuncion (downtown): Train station, perhaps take a trip in train on sunday to Aregua?, some shopping on calle palma (main downtown street) Lido bar to taste a delicious fish soup or some tasty empanadas, Panteon de los Heroes, La catedral, Chacarita (but dont get down, can be dangerous), Congresso, Palacio de Lopez, Hotel Guarani (working again), Manzana de la Rivera (a museum with permanent exhibits, very interesting) and more shopping at mall excelsior and perhaps a coffee at Bolsi? or a delicious brochette de lomito at Britannia pub at night?

2- Asuncion Villa Morra and shopping. Shopping del Sol, Mariscal Lopez Shopping, Via Allegra, Paseo Carmelitas and maybe a beer at Hooters or a coffee at Havanna cafe?…or a pizza at il Maggiare? You will find a lot of night life around paseo carmelitas, even try a fantastic ice cream at freddo’s. Places usually open until late and people go out from monday to monday…not only weekends as one might suppose.

3- Around Asuncion there are great cities where you will find and love their artisan handcrafts, they are just fantastic…cities you should visit are Luque for filigree and all kind of jewelry but avoid siesta time most places are closed during that time, Aregua for great pottery designs all handmade, San Bernardino to enjoy the beautiful Lago de Ypacarai and maybe eat some bollos at confiteria alemana. I also love ALTOS (if you are in Altos go to Comedor Na Neca to have a great dinner) and Piribebuy and of course don’t forget to visit the Basilica de CAACUPE.

4-Ruinas Jesuiticas and Encarnacion

5-Ciudad del Este for shopping and maybe visit Iguazu Falls in Foz do Iguazu.

And Chaco Paraguay…the Mennonite Colonies Loma Plata and Filadelfia

Maybe even take a trip on the Paraguayan River? I heard there is some good cruise, maybe I should check it out.

Soon I will let you know what I’m doing while in Paraguay…Counting the days, YAY!!


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