My first week in Paraguay

Things seem same, seem to never change here, its like an oasis surrounded by progress but not affected by it…the decadence and the progress hand by hand in the same place, on one side you see so much progress in every sense, people with the best and modern electronic devices, the fanciest cars, the luxurious houses, the malls, the night clubs…etc, on the other side you see misery, poverty, decadence, specially in downtown Asuncion you see abandonment…

One cool thing is that the Hotel Guarani, a hotel that was Paraguay’s postcard face for many years finally has reopened its doors…it was in total abandonment and closed for many years due to bad administration, reflecting Asuncion’s then situation.

With the Hotel Guarani re opened gives me the feeling that everything will get better, for me its a sign of hope of better winds.

Life goes easy here, the pace is slow or slower than one might think, people still find time to meet and human relations seem to run smoothly, that part I always love, that part I hope never changes.

On monday I went to the hospital de Clinicas where years ago I used to donate medicines, I found it in total decadence, I talked to some friendly nurses that showed me arround and even made a list of the medicines they need, sometimes they don’t have even the basics to save lives…

The building was dark and the walls full of moss the aqua blue painting was fading away, the feeling inside was sad, cold and frightening, It certainly was a deep experience for me, to see and perceive things like that, when most of the people were sleeping in their comfy beds at the time of the night that I went there, these people and children didn’t even have a blankets to keep them warm, some had that they have brought with them from their homes, but not even decent blankets has this hopital not far from Downtown Asuncion, not far from huge mansions there are people in need.

I can’t close my eyes to that….as human being and as citizen it is my civil responsibility to care for others I’ve decided to take the matter in my own hands and take action even. Even my cat have a more decent life that many people, how could that have happened, It seems that people lost their emotiveness and are becoming more selfish and less compassionate to others. That saddens me not only the situation per se but the lack of compassion and the assumption as normal things that never should taken for normal.

Im going to be here a bit more than 2 months, So if any of you want to help me go ahead and help people not the burocratic way…but my way, even if we cant save the world be sure we can make a difference in someone’s life all is worthy. People think if you cant change the whole system which is utopic then better not to do anything…I disagree, and if you disagree too contact me and ill give you my paypal address so you can donate and I will personally be in charge of the donations you send…and by now you know me, and know my high sense of  integrity and caring so be sure things will be done.

Please contact me thru the comment or contact me sheet.

426 429 sweet nurse and me

native kid waiting to have surgery and his dad

425 423 minor surgery room

awful condition of the patient rooms


422 107

A nurse showing me the pavilion   Some of the medications they need.


7 Responses to “My first week in Paraguay”

  1. Terry Says:

    Count me in. The people are what make Paraguay the wonderful place it is, let’s help people help themselves. Where do I send a donation? Thank you for making an effort at making a difference.


  2. eduardo Says:

    Yeah that hospital looks a little sad with those fluorescent lights and all, but it is great that you are helping out…have a great rest of your trip!

  3. Brenda Says:

    I agree with you that change comes one person at a time. The system will change when people in the system have changed.

    Just out of curiousity, why do you think the Hospital de Clinicas is in such bad shape?

  4. Betty Says:

    I found your blog through the jungle hut, and just wanted to say you should see the IPS! We were there, because our daughter is making her practicum there and it was awful!Very similar to the pic´s you have posted. I wanted to take some pictures, but was not allowed, because they did not want people to see the conditions……
    I think it´s great what you are doing and hope you have lots of responses to your outreach in helping others!

  5. Paraguay » PARAGUAY (Pai Tavy Tera tribe) Says:

    [...] Comment on My first week in Paraguay by BrendaI agree with you that change comes one person at a time. The system will change when people in the system have changed. Just out of curiousity, why do you think the Hospital de Clinicas is in such bad shape? [...]

  6. muna Says:

    Horrible horrible situation, Im glad I took some pictures thanks to the friendly nurses, the situation is very sad, a sad reality…the only thing we can lose in this situation is sensibility…without that, everything will be lost.

  7. Hillary Moldovan Says:

    Do you have a way to accept payment – like PayPal?

    Also – do they have 2 liter plastic bottles in Paraguay? I bought one of those couplers that makes mini-tornadoes inside the bottles for my nephew – and then got all worried that they might not have them! There were just glass bottles last time I was there! (a long time ago!)

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