I hate Paraguay

Well, I don’t actually mean this but there are certain aspects that I really hate, always hated and always will, I spent in Identificaciones the last 2 days, Identificaciones is the equivalent of the department of licensing where you request an Id or cedula de identidad or a passport or other documents like certificados de antecedentes and things like that.

The thing is that the place is under construction now and even more messy than it use to be, it seem that no body know anything, that even the "bosses" are just as ignorant as the rest and probably have allergy of work…they treat you like they are doing you a favor. On wed i spent 2 hours there and yesterday 3 hours, to resolve a simple issue (they lost a file) they sent me from one section to another, from reclamos to extranjeros, from there to archivo from there to judiciales then to control and then again to reclamos where all started!

While I was waiting I just could observed how they work…there is a lack of computers, they handle many papers, they have huge piles of papers wherever, they put your life files in shoe boxes (literally, I’m not kidding) no wonder files keep disappearing, and if they disappear then is impossible to renew a document.

I’m so upset that my whole "life" is in hands of these people…most women just polish their nails and gossip while "working". I almost forgot that part of Paraguay.

The environment is not ideal and they probably earn few to do nothing.

Not to mention the wait in line for hours while these people do literally nothing, and the worse part is that you don’t have to complain, you don’t know where and with whom to talk, everything is a mess a total mess….you just have to accept and be patient, and perhaps with time and a lot of luck maybe some day you will get your papers.

Public administration literally suck!!! I wish I will never have to deal with it again…but this somehow seems an unlikely dream…so be prepared if you have to deal here with it, unfortunately this matter is due the lack of culture and right systems and most importantly the primitive set of mind that makes the public employee so mediocre because they know they cant be fired.

In these kind of things you really know the other face of Paraguay, an awful reality part of the idiosyncrasy of the nation.

I have to go again today or tomorrow and will try to take a picture so you can have an idea of what I’m talking about.


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  1. Betty Says:

    Oh, I sooo know what you are going through and feeling. I was there a few months ago to get my passport renewed. I came from the Chaco (a 6-7 hour bus ride…that´s worth another post), and did and brought everything they asked for. Then just a couple of days before I wanted to take my trip, my travel agency calls to tell me that they (Identificaciones) can´t find my records anywhere! So I had to come to Asu. again! When I finally received my passpost I was just soooo happy to never set a foot in that place again!

  2. Brenda Says:

    I loved the title of your post! We all feel that way sometimes, especially when we have to do “tramites”. Those are the most trying times.

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