The weather lately seems to be like the weather in Seattle, since I got here I couldn’t wear a short sleeve T-shirt yet, I just saw the sky being blue once, most of the time its cloudy and rainy…sad weather, it makes you want to stay inside the house all time…I’m frustrated because its like I traveled 10.000km to finally find the same weather as I left behind…

I literally don’t have a summer for 5 years, because I always come in june when in the US is summer and here is winter, but winters here used to be like summers but this has changed since last year when we really had a cold freezing winter in Paraguay.

It makes me think that perhaps if I fly to Hawaii strangely those days will be dark and cloudy too? Can I ever escape this weather? Will I ever see a sunny day again? Oh well I’m exaggerating, my frustration is talking now, I’m having a great time anyway and the weather wont stop me…I’m just wondering, is this always like this or is it just my luck?

I’m much a complainer, jajaja, well I can’t be nice all the time, right? I know the sun will shine again soon (i hope so) and my mood will improve with it ;)

140 rainy Asuncion


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  1. Hillary Moldovan Says:

    It took me awhile to figure out the title! Then I laughed – because apparently Portland fits right in! Of course, I am hoping it’s not TOO hot when we’re there (JUL 21 – AUG 8) but in the 70′s will be fine. That will seem warm after this spring we’ve had here!

  2. muna Says:

    jajaja, yes Portland too but never as bad as Seattle! I hope you have a better weather while here, contact me while here, si? Saludos desde Asuncion!!!

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