Where to Eat? Asuncion restaurant guide

Paraguayan food is just delicious, I always gain Bife a caballoa few pounds while there (they are well worthy :-) ), not just because I love it but also because food is part of social life, and while there as a tourist, I dine out much more than I used to while living there.

My life there is awesome, every day is different and I try to go out to different places and to know more restaurants, cafes, bars etc.

When I arrived to Paraguay the first thing I asked my friends was to take me to a typical restaurant. They immediately took me to Churrasqueria Paulista which is Brazilian, and that happens all the time when an outside visitor arrives in Paraguay. I don’t know WHY people take them to Brazilian churrasquerias, that was so strange until I noticed the lack of Paraguayan typical restaurants.

I remember a very good paraguayan restaurant called Portiyu but unfortunately they closed years ago. Then I discovered this restaurant called TEMBI’U HE (Dr. F. Fernandez y Stma. Trinidad, Tel: 293 324) and I think it’s the only Paraguayan Restaurant available in Asuncion.

My favorite places to eat in Asuncion are: Bolsi, San Roque (very traditional place), Lido bar, Parrillada Roma, Carioca, La flor de la Canela, Camastro, Il Capo (pasta), and Britannia Pub of course! Try the brochette de lomito in Britannia, it’s wonderful (it’s a fillet mignon beef for 2.5 $) and soooo delicious!!

Asuncion Restaurants: The ultimate guide of restaurants (different types of cuisine) with their addresses!!

In major malls (Shopping del Sol, Mariscal Lopez Shopping , Mall Excelsior, Shopping Multi plaza) you will find food courts with lots of fast food places like mc donalds, pizza hut, empanadas don vito, chinese food, paella, pasta, Pancholos. etc.

There are many cafes and empanadas places like Don vito, all over the city.

Try our best Ice creams in Sugar, 4D or Freddo.

La Galeria is a great place to have some drinks and eat. ( I will talk about nite life soon).

Every day you can discover a new place to eat, and if you dare you can go eat to Mercado 4 (it’s a popular market where you can find stuff at bargain prices). You will find anything from nice Chinese restaurants there to Asaditos (barbecue made on a grill on the sidewalk). The Mercado 4 deserves a special post that I will write soon! Disfrute!


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  1. Sume Says:

    I agree, 4D is spectacular!

  2. Dave Goodman Says:

    I love the Lometeria Rapai for the huge Lomitos and many sauces, as well as the Picadas at Cafe Boheme. Freddos at Las Caramelitas is great for helados with the ‘beautiful people’ of Asuncion. Best fast food is definately Don Vitos and although I bought an empanada pastry cutter and make them at home in the UK, they’re never quite as good as the genuine thing!

  3. Alexis Says:

    I am currently doing a project on Paraguay and I am intrested on the food. I was wondering if you have any advice for me on what food would be the best to experience.

  4. ceci Says:

    you forgot to list PARIS BAR as THE UNDISPUTED BEST ice cream in Paraguay.. They say that after having Paris´ Dulce de Leche, you´ll never be able to fully enjoy any other ice cream in the world!

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