Some Paraguayan Traditional Food that you can’t miss!


Panteon de los HeroesThere are some Paraguayan specialties that you can’t miss while in Paraguay, i will mention a few first.

I think my friend Rose can help me on this topic, I will try to convince her to write a great post about food soon, she is an expert!!

Meanwhile I’m going to talk from the eaters side not from the cookers side, my cooking sucks but i like to eat :-) , so i think you can trust my taste.

In Paraguayan cuisine it is very common to use certain ingredients like corn, mandioca, paraguayan cheese, etc

Here you can find great Paraguayan recipes in English

Foods that you CAN’T miss while in Paraguay!!

  • Empanadas
  • Chipa
  • Sopa Paraguaya or Paraguayan soup (btw… it’s not exactly a soup)
  • Mbeyu
  • Soyo
  • Asado (butifarra, tapa cuadril, vacio, morcilla)
  • Bife a caballo
  • Tallarines
  • Surubi (river fish)

You can have Paraguayan food at Lido Bar (very famous for river fish soup), Tembi’u He, El Futuro and Bar San Roque, among others.


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