Asuncion entertainment: art, night life, casino, malls..PartI


Shopping del Sol Asuncion Paraguay

Asuncion may not the most beautiful city in the world but as I always say, it certainly has a lot of personality, and that makes it for me so attractive.

Night life is a big part of Asuncion’s life, some years ago people could party endlessly until 2004 or so the municipal came up with an Edict, “edict” that forbids night places to open later than 1 am during weekdays and 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays, the reason was to avoid accidents and fights involving alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is not allowed for minors but in some places they get them anyway.

When the edict first came out it was very polemic, a lot of clubs and pubs closed and went to nearby cities where there was not edict, cities like San Lorenzo for example.

Now, people are more used to the edict and night places open earlier so they still can make some money.

People in Asuncion go out a lot, even during week days, it is very normal to see friend, even if nothing is planned ahead…the best plan is not planning, it’s a lifestyle and is part of the culture to have a drink in a bar, or a friends house.

There are some great places to shop around Asuncion, some are: Shopping del Sol, Mariscal Lopez Shopping, Mall Excelsior, Shopping VillaMorra, Paseo Carmelitas, Shopping Multiplaza, Paseo Via Allegra, Camino Quimbaya, Paseo de Gaulle, Paseo Senador Long, Paseo España, among a lot of new stores and cafes.

A great place to have a Coffee and eat some great “alfajores” is Cafe Havanna  which also is a hot spot where you can use your laptop at not extra charge. There are 3 Havanna Cafe around the city. 

Gambling is allowed in Asuncion, and there are many electronic casinos and 2 official Casinos, which are: Casino Costanera, locate within the Yacht and Golf Club Resort,  and Casino Asuncion located in España y Sacramento.

In the next post I will try to make a guide with the best and coolest and not so coolest places to party around Asuncion and near by cities…


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    Asuncion is really a nice place to visit. I once went there when I was 8 years old. Sweet memories.

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    My Favorit Blog. Very thanks and best regards from Germany. Thanks

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