Religious and Popular Festivities – Fiesta de San Juan

It’s amazing how Paraguayans keep their traditions alive, from food to festivities, there are so much to discover in Paraguay.

The one traditional festivity I personally love and try not to miss is the SAN JUAN FESTIVAL, fiesta de SAN JUAN Bautista, is celebrate in all over the country on June 24th, with traditional food, Chipa (there are about 80 types of chipa) which is like a cheese bread, there is also Payagua mascada, chicharo trenzado, mbeyu, pastel mandio, among many others. Great and unique stuff.

During the festival  people perform some pagan rituals like pelota tata, (a fire ball that is kicked around thru the crowd) or at midnight they burn a Judas Doll that is filled with fireworks and while burning they explode, people do walk on hot coals and they don’t get burn? (I wouldn’t try it), the climbing up greased posts for money are a few among many other San Juan rituals

During that period a strange phenome usually happens called the San Juan’s summer and as soon as it’s over the cold weather starts again back again. (note that between june and mid of september is winter in South America)

There are some other rituals to make the day before San Juan to see with whom you will get married to, I used to enjoy that a lot when I was a teenager.

If you happened to be around in June you certainty won’t miss Las Fiestas de San Juan because they are so popular that they are even celebrate in schools, malls, clubs…literally everywhere!!


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