Hot Hot very hot

This time of the year is almost unbearable in Paraguay, it is hard to even breath, the hot weather and the lack of rain make most people even sick…my friends complain about this all the time, and I complain about the snow, the storm and the freezing temperatures here, I guess it just in human nature to complain all the time, but sometime too much is too much. My last December in Paraguay was many many years ago, at least 5 and I can’t remember it was really that bad, but things change and also global temperatures as you might have noticed. The fact is that having 45 celsius degrees is not a kids game, it is a serious and dangerous stuff and If you are not very tolerant to hot temperatures please avoid to travel to Py unless you are ready to stay in an air-conditioned room the whole day and night.

The sky is gray, totally covered you cant even see thru it anymore, it is smog perhaps? how sad! well the fact is that people are praying for rain…and I, I’m praying for some shy little sunshine, some suggestion of warm, some hope of happier days.

I’m here now looking out of my window and see all white, big pine trees covered by snow, freezing temperatures, maybe some rain is approaching too…it is hard to believe that down in Paraguay is the total opposite…when they complain about heat I complain about cold…they wish they were here, I wish I was there…both sides of a same coin, isn’t human nature amazing?


2 Responses to “Hot Hot very hot”

  1. Jungle Mom Says:

    It is hot. I had no idea! And I lived in Venezuela for 20 years where it is not cold. The heat here is very impressive!

  2. Max Says:

    45 degrees? That must be the humity rating, not the actual temperature, and what is the location you are in?

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