A taste of Paraguay…


I just want to share a receipe For Chipa Guazu, one of my favorite dishes, very easy to make, this is a partial translation of Tembiu Paraguay by Josefina Aquino



Chipa Guazu

2 Medium Onions

1 cup of water

1/2 tablespoon salt

1/2 oil, in Paraguay they use pork fat

1 cup farmers cheese, in Paraguay they used queso paraguay but you can replace it with a white cheese, could be mozzarella.

3/4 Cup of Milk

1 1/2 ears of corn, grated, or you can replace it by corn in cans.

Fry the onions, with the salt, then add the water for about 10 let it boil. (set aside to cool)

Beat the far or oil, eggs one by one, and the crumbled cheese beating continaully, then add the onions and the water, grated corn and the milk and mix everything very well and put the mixture in a greassed and floured pan. Cook in 375 degree oven for 1 hour and 15 min.

Try it, im on my way of making one!!


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  1. anny Says:

    You didnt mention how many eggs should be used.So please mention how many eggs

  2. katie Says:

    i love chipa. its quite the luscious fantasy for my taste buds. thanks so much for bring it here, jones.

  3. Paqui Says:

    Hi Muna,

    I’ll will give a try to your Chipa Guazu.

    I live in Australia and for years I have tried to make Sopa Paraguaya. It has been a long trials and errors and I still could not reproduce the taste. In Paraguay, aparentently a special “corn flour” is used.
    These are some of the alternative flours that I have used:

    1) Yellow Polenta
    2) Yellow and White polenta
    3) All the above plus CornCream
    4) Cheese is also a problem: ChedarMild or Tasty, Goat Cheese

    The recipe I got from my cousin.

    Do you have any suggestion of how to make it?

    Thank you,


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