Presidente Hayes.

Thanks to: John A. Fatherley for this nice contribution to my blog. Gracias Juan!

It is very nice what you are doing to interest people in Paraguay. Paraguay is a very interesting country, but it has a ‘bad reputation’ because of certain things that have happened there is the past. One of the good things that not very many people know about is the legacy of U. S. President Rutherford B. Hayes (1878-81) who arbitrated a boundary dispute between Argentina and Paraguay after the terrible Triple Alliance War (1865-1870). He found in favor of Paraguay and is a national hero, of sorts, there.

November 12th is a holiday every year in the Department of Presidente Hayes, and there is a lot of celebration about this in Villa Hayes in the Chaco. I am going there in November 2007, and would like anyone interested in this celebration to go with me. November is ‘not too bad’ in Paraguay as far as the heat is concerned. I hope that anyone interested in this idea will contact you. Thank you again for your work in ‘bringing Paraguay out of the Latin American closet’.  John A.


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