Concepcion Paraguay tourist guide

I just got a comment from Peter, who is a tourist guide in Paraguay and it seems that he owns a farm in Concepcion (North part of Paraguay), how interesting! I love their pictures and adventures at the north part of Paraguay…Concepcion is a very really interesting place, with lot of farms, there you really get to know about being in touch to nature and have a local experience. Mostly for work reasons i tend to stay most of my time in Asuncion but I would love to travel to the north some day soon to explore some other parts of Paraguay…the real Paraguay, the nature, country side and the beautiful people that are all over the country.

You can learn more about Peter here, i think he actually build some cabins there as shown in some pictures:


Great job Peter!, I hope to see your farm soon =) . Thanks for sharing your interesting work.

Letting off some passengers, Concepcion, ParaguaySunset from the Cacique II, Concepcion, Paraguay


One of the granja´s five cabins, Concepcion, ParaguayGranja El Roble, Concepcion, Paraguay


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