Paraguay customs sUcK!!!!!

I’m pretty sad and pissed today, my brother who lives in Paraguay just let me know that the package I sent to Paraguay was violated at customs (in Asuncion) and they robbed a lot of jewelry I was sending to Paraguay.

I lost a lot of money but what actually hurts its not only that, is the feeling of insecurity, violation against private property and the big frustration caused by this situation because its not the first time I sent things over there and my package arrived with less than half of the items.

These people like are rats, corrupt and they just don’t care about anything…the worse is that no one “knows anything“, all are innocent, they tell the biggest lies when you confront them, they say things like: you package was probably open in another country! come on! we all know that they were the ones who opened and stole things of my package, and I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there with the same problems.

One bizarre thing is when you try to claim the insurance of the postal company they tell you that is impossible because the insurance just pays if you don’t get the package at all or if the package get lost somehow and you never get it, but they don’t pay if someone violates your package and you get just a fraction of what suppose to get.

That is one of the things I hate about my country, some people in public administration are ignorant, dishonest, and have no scruples and this image gives Paraguay a bad reputation.

I bet they can still sleep peacefully to get up fresh in the morning and get another victim.

Beware before sending values to Paraguay, you will be lucky if they arrive partially.


4 Responses to “Paraguay customs sUcK!!!!!”

  1. MunaForPresident Says:

    Don’t blame your country. This not only happens in Paraguay but in most developing countries around the world.

  2. sarth Says:

    When I told friends about this blog and how I want to visit Paraguay, they warned me that it’s a dangerous place for foreigners and that robberies are common. Is this true?

  3. Muna Says:

    MunaForPresident: You are probably right but does doens’t make it right, it still sucks!

  4. muna Says:

    sarth: Well, it’s a very good question actually, I wouldn’t say that danger is related to the place you are going to visit in Paraguay, maybe Ciudad del Este could be a little bit dangerous.
    While there I spend most of the time in the capital (Asuncion) and as I don’t have the danger paranoia it’s easy to feel safer, just avoid talking on your cell phone while in public buses or walking around.
    It’s always wise to take some care but I can’t considere Paraguay dangerous, obviously we dont have a good reputation but it’s mostly related to corruption.
    Paraguay is a lovely place, that’s for sure and as you know you could see danger in everything you do, some precautions are always good though.
    Keep in touch

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