Mbatovi Eco adventure in Paraguay

A friend of mine recently went to Mbatovi and did the eco adventure circuit, she was amazed, she would definitely recommend the visit to anyone willing do some physical activity in middle of Paraguayans stunning nature.

Mbatovi is located not far from Asuncion in the Cordillera department close to Paraguari, and it is actually an Eco Reservation that is visited by many tourist through the year. The Eco-reserva Mbatoví is a protected area. It is private and preserved by its owner so as to protect the biological diversity and the natural process. It is the first Environmental Service of Paraguay.

My friend had the time of her life there, she was pushed a bit out her comfort box but was thrilled by that wonderful experience amazingly very close to the capital.

That is one thing i love about Paraguay, that as a small country you can visit diverse parts of the country within hours and each department is so unique with it own personality, it is amazing.

Mbatovi History

In 1999, the couple Jacinto Santa María and Marta González Ayala –both nature lovers, started the search for a natural space in which they could rest on the weekends. They found a place in the middle of the Cordillera de los Altos, near Paraguari, with a beautiful view of the Hills and the valley of Pirayu. They fell in love with the beauty of the landscape and richness of the biological species.

They bought the property and they decided to keep that space conserved and to share it with the people. They began doing the necessary studies and legal work needed to start the Eco-reserva Mbatovi.

In 2003, everything regarding the legal work was finished with the constitution of the protected area and the inscription of Mbatovi in the General Direction of Public Registration, as the first Environmental Service of Paraguay. The work of the reservation continued thanks to the deep passion of the owners.

Jacinto and Marta went to different Latin-American countries (Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil ) to investigate ways to combine tourism with nature conservation. The Eco Reserva Mbatovi opened to the public in January 2006


It’s the principal attraction that the ecoreserva offers. It consists of a series of activities that are carried out in the top of trees and in some cases, above them.

After going to an explicative talk and receiving the security instructions, the adventure begins with a walk through the wavy and attractive Yvaropy path, with 1700mts long, mostly outlined following ancient paths used by the first inhabitants of the area, with some variants that allow to know beautifully and well preserved through time places, with the legends that gave this place the name “home of the dwarfs” (ybaropy).the path will surprise the visitors from time to time with the transparent creeks, charming waterfalls and beautiful views. Its journey demands a good physical condition.

After a ten minute walk, we will find the first challenge o fair suspended activities next to the canopy of the forest. a “falsa bahiana” will invite the people to prove their balance and connect their emotions, to make them go to a three-cabled bridge that will make them forget all their worries demanding total attention. Finishing this first stage, going through a hanging bridge over a defile of beauty ness, that makes the visitor calm its spirit, balance its emotions and complete the vertical ambient acclimatization.

The voyage continues with an interesting walk rich in natural attractions, such as water nascent, waterfalls, enjoying the lovely flight of the birds and butterflies that live in this place. After a little stop in the Salto Piro’y, the path takes us to the impressive natural balcony Itá Chororí.


The surprises of the Tapé Saingó are still not over. A mobile bridge goes to a Canopy platform from which you can throw yourself and “fly” 40 mts high, over the forest, rich in plants and big trees, enjoying a marvelous view and a unique sensation.

The ones who want to continue with the adventure, rappel down a 25 meter wall. For the rest, the Reserva offers delightful places to relax.

After a little break in the area of the caves, the way back is on, going upwards through a 700 mts long path. Before getting to the end of the path, there is a little stop in the terrace where you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Mbatoví hills and de Pirayú Valleys


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