Places to visit near the Iguassu Falls

I just found this website with is full of tips if you plan to visit the Iguassu falls one of if not the biggest falls in the world.

This will show you another side of Paraguay, the border side, Ciudad del Este is the city that borders with Brazil at that point. Many people enter Paraguay thru Foz do Iguassu if they arrive from Brazil or Argentina, Asuncion is not the only point of entrance to Paraguay.

I love differently all Paraguayan cities, some have their unique personality, some are man build, some have a great nature and others are just beautiful because they exist…Ciudad del Este is a border city with many stores and malls where you can find about anything everywhere even on the streets…people speak perfectly portuguese and guarani here, of course spanish too but in Ciudad del este you will hear a mix of spanish and portuguese, guarani and portuguese and guarani and spanish…it is amazing how the touristic life and international culture blend so well together, many immigrants from Asia made Ciudad del este their home and are succeeding in the commerce industry.

We also share Itaipu, the biggest dam with Brazil, which you can visit while in Ciudad del este.

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  1. Brenda Says:

    I have been to the Iguazu Falls many times and I love it. I particularly like seeing the dam from the Paraguayan side.

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