Paraguay Churches and Cathedrals

I did a search and found videos of my favorite churches and Cathedrals in Paraguay that I want to share with you, some are in Asuncion and some others are in different parts of Paraguay.

Most of the videos have Paraguayan music as background with I find awesome and very emotional =)

I hope you enjoy this series of video, I love Churches and Cathedral architecture, each has its own uniqueness that makes it special its own way. There are many more beautiful churches that i couldn’t find on youtube, they are not available online yet, i hope that in a near future people will starting to post more videos online


CAACUPE Basilica- Where pilgrims from all corners of the country get there on December 8th every year to pay  promises to the blue virgin, La Virgencita de Caacupe- Very very important religious event in Paraguay.

Villarrica Cathedral

Asuncion’s Cathedrral (downtown Asuncion)

Iglesia de la Encarnacion, showing kids working without security equipment.

Inside Yaguaron church


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  1. Zhu Says:

    Hi there!

    Interesting to see some pictures of Paraguay. We have traveled the whole South America (minus Guyanas, Colombia and Paraguay), and I must say I am always curious about Paraguay.

    Mostly, we did not go because of the visa restrictions, but also because it seemed to have a bad reputation and well, we could not find any info. Glad you started a blog about it!

    Hasta luego

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