My NEW Paraguayan filigree designs

Here you can see some of my new filigree designs just arrived from Paraguay

As you know everything is designed by me and handmade by very skilled Paraguayan artisans, everything is made of sterling silver. I hope you like them =)

Interested in buying? Just click the picture it will take you to the website where they are for sale.

I absolutely love the Paraguayan Map and the Lapacho tree =)

Designs by Helena Voigt


arbol grande filigrana filigrana mapa paraguay filigrana casita 2jarra paraguay filigrana

filgrana eclipse filigrana sol grande

larimoon helena voigt orquidea

For more styles visit: and


2 Responses to “My NEW Paraguayan filigree designs”

  1. Betty Says:

    I love the Paraguayan map as well and would love to order at least 4 of them, so I can give them as a gift. How and where can I do this?

  2. Natalia Says:

    Hola Muna!
    I really like your new designs! Always nice to see traditional Paraguayan artesanías with more whimsical and modern designs! The pitcher and house are my favorites. Is there any way to get these in Paraguay or do you only sell them in the US?

    Love all your new posts!

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