Sending Gifts to Paraguay…

On may 15th is mothers day in Paraguay, while I was trying to find the perfect gift for my mom that lives in Asuncion I came across 3 interesting websites that are dedicated to give families of Paraguayans that live abroad the opportunity to send their family that still lives in Paraguay different kind of gifts, from flowers, to gift baskets to more relevant gifts.

If you have someone in Paraguay you really care about and want to send something special you should definitely check these sites out, I find the perfect gift for my mom and the best thing is that they do accept different type of payments, from credit cards to western union.

Some sites even take picture of film the moment the person gets the gifts, you can see the videos on their websites, some people get really surprised when they see the gifts…you can even hire Mariachis through some of these sites.

I really like the prices and options on the first one:

And the second one has great choices:

The third one has general stuff and really nice roses.

And for flowers I always use this site (I think the prices are pretty fair)

I hope you enjoy these findings as I did =)

And I hope my mom likes the cute breakfast basket I picked for her…I hope she wont read this posting!!!


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