China3During my stay in china I was amazed by the huge quantity of fake items you could find, it was awesome…Gucci, Versace, Armani, Luois vuittoin bags,nike, puma, etc.  it was a paradise

I was trilled, I never saw a “Rolex” for a few bucks.

It was getting hot and I didn’t have anymore clean summer clothes with me so I went shopping and looking around I found and bought a gorgeous “Versace” t shirt, it was written on it versus and some flames, it looked awesome.

Next day I was ready to wear my Versace shirt (I could never afford buying it here), I put it on and was very happy with my latest fashion acquirement.

I had a really really busy day and I went to sleep with that shirt on, when you are traveling you don’t even thing about putting a pajamas on, well, at least I didn’t, I was way to tired.

It was so funny that next morning when I woke up I realized that I had huge holes all over my new “versace” shirt, not one, but at least 20 holes!!!

I’m glad that no one saw it…later on I was very upset and told my father about what happened

Dad: And he calmly asked, how much did you pay?

Me: …10RMB (China’s currency) ( I answered with a pissed face)

Dad: mmmmm, that is about 1.5 USD dollars…

Me: ….so?

Dad: What do you expected to get for that money anyway, my dear?


And he was right, I got what I paid for!!!

Usually life’s works that way, you get what you give


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  1. MunaForPresident Says:

    The Paraguayan woman from the United States buys an Italian Shirt in China?

    Jesus and Buddha are not happy about this.

  2. muna Says:

    Probably they have other more interesting things to care about.

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