Paraguayan Independency day

On May 15th we celebrate our Independence from Spain, Paraguay became Independent in 1811…and that day is a holiday in Paraguay, all stores or most are close to celebrate this big day.

Here in Seattle we celebrate it with a big party where we invite our Paraguayan fellows and their spouses and friends too.

This year our celebration took place at a Paraguayan friends house in Seattle, he had a great day, we ate traditional food, Asado, Sopa Paraguaya, which was excellent by the way!

I made Fugazza, (have to teach you how to make it), it is veryyy good, and I also made Flan that’s my specialty, it was gone in no time, and we had many other nice dishes.

The greatest part of the whole day event was a quiz about Paraguay that my friend Make prepared…we took the tests in groups and I was surprised how poorly we all did =(  but we had fun and now I have learned something more about my own country…besides the fact that I have to refresh things that I have studied in School.

The winner groups took many traditional gifts home donated by some really nice handmade mate sets and some other artistry.

I really love our group of friends and we try to see each other as often as we can, unfortunately many of us don’t live very close but we surely find an excuse to get together for dinners and parties or just hang around for a nice conversation.

Here are some pictures of the event:

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