Bye bye Corruption

I’m so excited about my trip to Paraguay…I found out a very interesting thing, Continental airlines if you fly thru Brazil allows you to take to suitcases of 70 pounds each for free, but only if you fly thru Brazil…that is pretty amazing these days.

I’m making lists of the things I have to take with me (most are gifts) the only thing I’m not looking forward to is the guys at the airport asking indirectly for bribes to let me enter my suitcases.

The bad face of Paraguay is that sometimes things are handled that way, sad very sad but it is a reality, and this sad reality is the one that drives business away from Paraguay.

Paraguay is a beautiful and rich country in many ways, but things like corruption give a Paraguay a very bad name internationally speaking, from the highest politician to the most successful business man, corruption finds his way mostly in the public sector but could arise in the private sector as well.

I think the “bribes economy” is our hidden economy, no bribes no business, even sometimes if you want to do it the right way, the legal way, you find yourself in the position where they want you to be, from the moment you get down with the plane, to the moment you drive on the streets you are always subject to handle things that way…it is illegal but nowadays seems to be so common that people accept it or at least most of the people I know have bribed the police man to avoid a fine…

Uses become habits, habits with time becomes law…I hope corruption will find his way out of Paraguay once people get more educated.

The mentality of corrupt people is that they want to outsmart the system without realizing that they are actually  damaging their own interest, their own future.

Paraguay is still a promising land for mostly everything, it has a lot of room to grow, I’m sure that once we figure it out how to avoid the corruption there is no limit for success…only the sky is the limit


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  1. Hillary Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head (good ol’ USA idiom) when you said “once people get more educated.”
    All of the changes I saw last year (looking from 1979/82 to 2008) were due to education of the masses – largely in part because of the Internet. Mariscal Lopez is no longer seen as hero-god, but people are starting to question, starting to think … Paraguayans are very proud (and rightfully so!) and this will continue to change for the better with education, because more will be able to earn a decent living without having to resort to corruption.
    Hopefully we’ll see some punishment for corruption on the high levels (as when Lugo removed the military officials who hosted the Marxist rally) and this will trickle down to the policeman with his hand out.
    It will take time and remembering that no one country is entirely free from blame in this sitaution.

    Oh – but I am SO looking forward to getting back there! I love your posts about why Paraguay is so different, so unique, so wonderful. It can be hard to explain at times … I guess that’s why the tourist motto is “You have to feel it!

    see ya soon!

  2. Britt Says:

    I too hope that in time a new system without the extensive corruption will evolve in Paraguay. However there are some benefits to the pay off system. Each time I fly to Asuncion I go the Brazil route which allows two 70lb bags free and you can pay for up to three more at 70lb each. When i get to Asuncion I just pay between $20 to $40 to get everything trough customs with out them going through everything. I bring down a lot of good stuff for my family in Paraguay. The live and let live, with a few bucks, aspect is also part of the Paraguay system I like.

  3. muna Says:

    Yes, I know what you are talking about, life is easier in some ways…good think that we can take 2 suitcases of 70 pounds each, not likely with other companies…when flying with others i just can carry about 50 pounds each and I have a lot to take there…
    Hope to see you in Py.

  4. muna Says:

    Looking forward to see you in our unique wonderful and different island surrounded by land =)
    I hope some day we will be corruption free! Education is the key for freedom, as we get educated we can expect more foreign investments and generate more work so paraguayans can stay in Paraguay not go to look for jobs in Spain or other countries.

  5. Barry K Says:

    You are wasting your money paying money to get through customs. The only time I have been checked is when the new x-ray machine showed a number of round dense cylinder objects(20 dozen corn tortillas) that the customs dudes couldn’t recognize. Besides what are you going to smuggle INTO Paraguay?

  6. muna Says:

    Hey Barry…I say they ask for bribe…I didnt say I pay or I smuggle things into Paraguay…I take mostly just gifts for my friends and family and personal items of course and since i go for 2 months and travel with children, and I also take a lot of stuff for friends that ask me to take stuff for their family in Paraguay (and I never say no to friends)…as you see I always get my suitcases so full…besides, after a 24 hours trip who wants to waist more time while they open your 6 suitcases because they saw something “suspicious”?

  7. Barry K Says:

    I totally understand. I also bring a lot of things that my family and friends want…maybe not as much. The thing is bribes are all over the place and you just have to say no. I like the concept of asking for a receipt(recibo) when they try to hit you up. That’s a whole different thing….receipts. I have saved my receipts from a day’s worth of shopping . You end up with a pile of paper at the end of the day. That’s what is nice about Mercado Cuatro…no receipts.
    You are lucky to have 6 suitcases when you get to the airport. I usually have to wait a couple of days for my luggage to arrive(when your luggage comes late they usually just wave you through.)

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