Friendly friendly Paraguayan People

What I definitely or at least one of the things I most like about Paraguayan people is that they can be extremely friendly, specially those from the country side, giving you a big smile when you arrive at their place, or a nice ice cold shared terere under a tree…or insist you to keep eating more of the many dishes they offered you is part of their culture…they will probably offer you their bed and will move to the couch or ground just to make you feel more welcome at their home.

Paraguayan families are very united but kids have to manage to be in dependant from a very young age, they have to learn to take care of themselves…usually moms work hard to keep things going and usually in the country side they have many children and mom can do all the work, so elder siblings have to work and take care of the younger ones.

People there live community live style systems where “I watch your children when they are playing near my home…and you watch mine when they are playing near your home” that is implied and it works pretty well…most people can’t afford to have the paranoia that something will happen to their children if they go by themselves to a close by soccer field, they are pretty busy figuring out how to put bread on the table next day.

It is pretty interesting how kids become like little adults, very sharp minded very soon, they develop many skills and they become like a survivor,they can endure long hours walking with no complains when they have to walk to another town or take a bus, they help with all chores in the house, they babysit, girls start to cook at age 7 or so, and some but not all country side kids go to school.

I found a very interesting video about life in Paraguayan country side,so you can have an idea what I’m talking about, it is a documentary by Ramiro Gomez.

Part 3 available on Youtube.

Watch part I and II here. (you will notice that at school they talk a few words in guarani too)


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  1. Barry K Says:

    I like the roving packs of little kids with slingshots out hunting for whatever they can get.

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