Parque de la Salud- Health Park

I made a fantastic discovery days ago, a friend took me to walk at the Parque de la Salud, also known as IPS park, because I assume it belongs to IPS. It on the way to Central Bank (Banco Central del Paraguay).

The park is fantastic, it has 2 gates, first you enter with your car and park there then you have to show your ID and they register you at the entrance and also show your ID when you leave.

It is a close park where you can walk, run or bike, each lap is of 800meters, the circuit is surrounded by nature and vegetation all around, each tree has a sign with the name on it…there are quotes of optimism and health written on signs all around the park which you can read and meditate while walking or running.

It also has a colorful playground area to take the kids which is amazing!

My first time I made 3 laps…I hope to go to 5 today!

What I most love about that park is that it is a secure area, very well illuminated and open from very early, i believe from 5 ot 6 am to 10pm.

There are no more excuses to not get in shape, with a park like this, its a joy to walk to a healthier life style.

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  1. Angie Says:

    Hi Muna!!!!! Another nice park is Seminario in Kubishek. Very safe to. You must wonder what happened to me….. We moved back to Cape Town in May so I just missed you. Things did not work out well enough. Our container with everything in, including Ernesto’s musical equipment took three and a half months to reach us instead of 6 weeks. So we made the best of the time there and came back to recover from financial losses sustained. You know how it is. Paraguay is not a place to really make money, one need to go there with money and make enough to pay going expenses (food, rent, petrol etc). and keep your money somewhere else. We did all that but with the container etc we just ended up spending to much and we did not think it will work out economically. A lot of talking but no action. I miss many things and the good thing is that i now will be able to drive around and know a enough Spanish to understand. Enjoy everything and have a drink on me. A nice restaurant is also Hacienda Las Palomas, Villa Mora. Keep well and a big hug from South Africa.

  2. Barry K Says:

    The signs in this park are a trip. My brother lives just a couple of blocks away and I found it to be anice place to go and sit in the shade and watch the people jogging and walking. When I was there in January they were still working on putting some exhibits in the park. Did that happen yet?
    Pehaps the most interesting park to me is the Jardin Botanico. If you get off the beaten path there are all kinds of different plants (and jujo ladies harvesting them) Don’t forget to see the whale eye at the Nutural history museum.

  3. plantesjardinsnature Says:

    Nice park and i think it’s great thisidea with the two gates and legitimating yourself. it’s safer and you don’t have to worry about anything

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