Beautiful Photo session

While in Paraguay I worked on my new Paraguayan Jewelry collection, I want to share with you the results…After all i went to work there and not only vacation ;)

The jewelry is made with Larimar and Filigree, totally handcrafted in Paraguay by skilled artisans and designed by my =)

Now I’m back and will definitely blog more!

To check out the new collection please check my website out:

Enjoy the videos!


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  1. Cito Cruz Says:

    I am just curious how much it will cost in dollars to live Asuncion per month. My wife and I are empty nesters now and can live anywhere in the world. I am not looking for luxurious living, just to live comfortably and simply.

    This is kind of touchy. Although I’m American, I am Filipino by race and I probably look like a Praguayan native. How will people treat me there? I am married to wonderful and beautiful Gringa and in the US I am just one of the guys especially in Washington DC where I live and where it is so diverse.

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